Yesterday for the first time, I was ashamed to be Scottish!

Yesterday gave us a taste of what is to come. The Millar case is just the first. I expect more to be brought forward in the non-too distant future. Right now, I suspect there are those with a grievance against women trolling through twitter looking for anything that may be deemed offensive. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Scotland would fall this far. Nor did I ever believe our rights and freedoms would be taken so quickly. Now we are playing catch up. Women took to twitter, angry at the decision by Police Scotland to charge Millar. As the case is now live, I will not go into it. However, I will give an overview of where we are as I see it.

Evelyn Beatrice Hall once said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

It is not what we say, it is how others interpret it, however, if those reading then become offended by it, then we have a problem. When did offending someone become a criminal act?

Salman Rushdie said this: “If you’re offended, it’s your problem.”

The definition of offended is this: to feel annoyed, upset, resentful, hurt, angry. I understand people may feel all these emotions, but it should not give them the right to criminalise others for holding an opinion. If done deliberately then yes but if you are offended by let us say, a ribbon hanging from a tree which may look to some as being a noose and to others a loop, yet it is just a ribbon hanging from a tree.

Scotland is in danger of becoming a place where people are afraid to say anything for fear of their words or indeed social media posts being misinterpreted by those with ill intent towards a group and used to further their own agenda.

I remember a decade ago my first encounter with someone who was transitioning. I remember thinking, good for you, be yourself. However, it soon became apparent this individual’s hurt feelings could end up in someone else being hurt, physically. Whatever had occurred involved a politician whom I gathered had not listened to the grievance which had been allowed to fester into a downright dislike of all politicians. I remember sympathising at the time and wanting to do more to help. That was however, until this individual expressed a wish to go after not only the politician in question but their family, “Guilt by association.” I remember thinking at the time that this was a very hurt man who just wanted help to transition and was going about it all wrong. I never got to find out what happened, if indeed he managed to find himself, or herself. I am happy to report that I have met lovely people who are transitioning into the persons they should have been. I have no problem with transgender. I do believe people can be born into the wrong body. What I do have a problem with, is the belief that everyone must bow down to their way of thinking. Today that is never going to happen. And may do more harm than good. You cannot bully people into thinking as you do. By using the law as a weapon against people may cause resentment and push the causes back years.

There is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. Trying to curtail freedom of expression and freedom of speech is not the way to go. I have seen things posted online from both sides, yesterday a student from a university in London posted pictures of guns with threats of violence. Yet it seems the law may favour one side over the other. Laws should be equal to everyone. People should have the right to express themselves and yes others have the right to feel offended but what happens when this is used as a weapon to silence people? What happens when those with a grievance use the law to shut down freedom of speech, or have a particular side second guess themselves while the other side continue their attack.

What happens then?

The Scotland I know, and love has gone, freedom of speech and freedom of expression no longer exists in this country, yesterday for the first time ever, I was ashamed to be Scottish.


  1. As with the Salmond case, we wait to see if Scottish justice has its braiins in its head or its boots.

    If the former, it will make a mockery of the repressive, idiotic laws.

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  2. Well said, TWD! Well said. And I have to agree. The Scotland of today isn’t the one I came home to. And it’s not the one I want for my children or grandchildren. The present govt has turned it into a nightmare for all the wonderful ladies in my family and my friends’ families. Like you, I’m ashamed to be a part of this govt’s Scotland.

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  3. Am I alone in comparing the Scotland today with the Scotland of the late 50’s and the Billy Graham crusades.
    Then as now it was as if the whole country went ‘bat-shit crazy’ (to coin an Amercanism).
    Then as now we had anyone brave enough to speak out and refusing to take part in the frenzy condemned, vilified and in some cases jailed for their actions..
    And then it seemed that the whole country regained it’s common sense and normality returned.
    Hopefully history will repeat itself soon

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  4. Agree with you on all you say, except the “born in the wrong body” bit as it is not only anti-science but it is downright sexist. There are really only a few reasons why people transition: gender/body dysphoria (diagnosed by a psychologist), autogynaephilia (AGP), rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD), & homosexual men identifying as women (HSTS). None of these are diagnosed using brain scans (there is no such thing as a lady brain) or karyotyping (no chromosomes indicate dysphoria, only sex).

    Surely we can promote equality & inclusion of the trans community without using anti-science & sexist ideas of being born in the wrong body, or assigned the wrong gender at birth, as it is both harmful & dangerous for vulnerable social groups & society as a whole.

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  5. “One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to take possession of popular prejudices and passions, in such a way as to introduce a confusion of principles which makes impossible all understanding between those who speak the same language and have the same interests”. Machiavelli.

    #LGBTQ #BlackLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights #TimesUp #BelieveHer #CurfewForMen etc etc.

    ‘The #MeToo [LGBT & #GenderAgenda] Truth of Nr5 #RampantSexism’ (2020) 

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  6. “Sex and race because they are easy and visible differences have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior and inferior groups and into the cheap labor on which this system still depends”. Gloria Steinem

    How the symbolism of a Manhattan statue in New York is being played out across the UK & global-western democratic stage. How Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Craig Murray & Scottish society are hostages to this stage. And why the COPFS, British State, SNP & ScotGov ‘interests’ are suppressing evidence with *global ramifications* for methods ALREADY STANDARD in divorce and family ‘courts’ throughout the western world…

    ‘Manhattan’s Medusa: The Global State of Scotland’ (2021) by #GaslightingGilligan

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