The Harsh Reality of Betrayal!

I thought Scotland, renowned on the world stage and looked on with affection would continue to thrive. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe it would be brought this low by a party trusted by half the population. Now here we are, afraid to speak our mind for fear of falling fowl of draconian laws that are about to be brought in by the very party I and many others would have trusted with our lives.

I often thought it would be Westminster who would bring the people of Scotland to our knees, and I always believed we would stand and fight like we did back when Thatcher used Scotland as her very own playground. The first part of the United Kingdom to come under the cosh of the poll tax. Seemed we were made of sterner stuff back then. Protests were protests and people had a backbone. Now here we are with a government most trusted to deliver independence who have delivered nothing but the harsh reality of betrayal.

Even now there are those who support Nicola Sturgeon and still believe that she will deliver independence or at least a referendum. They believe the array of MPs and MSPs who line up almost daily to remind them of who is boss in the independence stakes and denounce any other party who dare to challenge that authority.

I am sick to death watching certain politicians who rose to fame during the 2014 referendum, who secured themselves a cushy job in Westminster and have yet to do anything other than winge and moan about how unfair it all is.  To be honest I wonder why half of them are down there. What have they achieved? We were closer to independence back in 2014 and have moved further and further away from achieving it. The gravy train is still parked in the station at Westminster only returning to Scotland when it is needed to ferry potential candidates around, once the vote is secured it returns to Westminster with, the trough full, and noses at the ready.

The SNP MPs’ and MSPs have taken the people of Scotland for mugs, promise the world and deliver nothing. Some have helped deliver their own agenda’s and that is fine I do not have a problem with that. It is when it takes precedence over what they were sent to Westminster and indeed Holyrood to do. Yet, they seem uncomfortable when those who put them in power have the audacity to question their commitment. Heaven forbid you ask coherent questions; questioning has some running for the block button. Or in some cases being downright arrogant in their response. Pete Wishart blocked me but to be fair to Mr Wishart, I think he may have taken offence to being accused of coming across as a sad little man. However, I have no idea why the likes of Angus Robertson or John Nicholson have reached for the block button and to be honest I do not care, it saves me seeing what they are tweeting about now.

Today I have a feeling SNP MPs and MSPs will be out in force to rebuke the latest scandal to hit the Scottish National Party, that of the missing SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND  POUNDS ringfenced for independence.

There has been countless resignations, the latest of which Joanna Cherry, who was given a mandate from party members. Regarding her resignation, she said: “A number of factors have prevented me from fulfilling the mandate party members gave me to improve transparency & scrutiny & uphold the party’s constitution.” Joanna is not the only one to air concern, Douglas Chapman MP announced his resignation as national treasurer of the party, saying on twitter that “Despite having a resounding mandate from members to introduce more transparency into the party’s finances, I have not received the support or financial information to carry out the fiduciary duties of national treasurer.”

Coming to the party’s defence Kirsten Oswald: “I am disappointed by Douglas decision and as business convener, I fundamentally disagree with his assessment of the support and financial information available to him.”

Seems to me that the SNP have a crisis on their hands when you have resignation after resignation of well-respected politicians and the complete ignoring of the mandates given to them by the members to carry out their duties. Clearly there is a problem of transparency regarding the SNP finances. It does not take a genius to realise that all is not well within the SNP. When a complaint is made to Police Scotland regarding the party’s finances although not yet being investigated at present.  When those having given money ringfenced for independence discover it is no longer there and is indeed being refunded to those who ask, you have to wonder, where is that money being taken from?

Time for the hierarchy of the SNP to resign, time for those still members of the SNP to waken up and demand these resignations. If they do not do that, then the alleged corruption will continue until such time as the Scottish National Party will be confined to the history books as the party who took Scotland to the verge of independence then lost it all.


  1. This morning I sent a message via ‘theyworkforyou’ to my MSPs asking what they, their party and their government had done in the month since the SGE to further Scotlands Independence as stated in the SNP Constitution 2012 para 2.

    I doubt I’ll get a reply, or at best a bit of waffle about Indyref2 sometime maybe.

    Come on folks, lets ALL ask them the same question, and let us keep repeating every month!

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  2. The media coverage of the £600k missing ring fenced Indy Fund showed SNP in bad light. This negative coverage alone should have members calling for resignations. The silence from all within SNP Leadership speaks volumes about how tawdry all has become. SNP Party members need to bring Branches and Convenors to task and give elected members a proverbial kicking. SLAB was never this disrespectful of it’s membership.

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  3. until such time as the Scottish National Party will be confined to the history books as the party who took Scotland to the verge of independence then lost it all.

    This is our Battle of Dunbar moment.

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