The Public and Private View of the G7 Summit

The great and the good descended on Cornwall for the G7 Summit and some would say it has been an interesting 24 hours.

From official pictures of socially distanced politicians, some of whom take informing the public of a deadly disease that is rife around the world and how we all must ‘abide by the rules’.

Very seriously indeed.

 What rules are in place for the millionaire and billionaires? Certainly not the same rules which apply to the rest of us. Publicly they look to be abiding by their own draconian laws, yet privately there seems to be something amiss. Like a garden party where no one is socially distancing, and all are smiling and happy.

Talking of happiness her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11 asked during a photo-op if they were “Supposed to look like they were enjoying themselves.” Which begs the question why the leaders of the world with so much power would not enjoy themselves?

God alone knows what will be discussed during this summit but whatever it is you can almost guarantee it will be ways in which to take what they can from the public and put into the hands their powerful greedy billionaire friends.