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I don’t know if anyone else in the ‘yes movement’ has noticed but groups that were set up during and after the 2014 referendum that were all inclusive now seem to be very hostile to, well those who support Scottish independence.  Apparently certain groups do not like anyone to criticise the SNP and woe betide anyone who dares to criticise the ‘Queen’ herself, Nicola Sturgeon. Seems you can only be part of these groups if you swear allegiance to the Scottish National Party, their leaders, members, and supporters. And may God strike you down dead if you do not.

2018 AUOB march

I was alerted to this when someone shared my ‘the harsh reality of betrayal’ article on facebook. Imagine my surprise when the picture I had chosen to go along with the article came across my own news feed and imagine my shock to read that someone had commented that it was shite. Oh, dear I must have hit a nerve, imagine having another point of view. Of course, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, there were those in that group who were openly debating the article and agreeing with my take on where I see the SNP.

For too long supporters of the SNP have rode the wave of success championing the first minister and all her cronies, blinded by their loyal faith to someone whom it would seem does not have their best interests at heart. What have the SNP managed to achieve for Scotland? Okay, the baby box, which is cute and all but what else is there? Education used to be revered in this country, the cry of ‘we are the best educated in Europe’ could we say that now? Education has taken a real dip; you only have to talk to parents to know there is a real worry over what children are being taught. Although I know of some parents who are perfectly fine with it, others fear for the future given the shambles over exams, or the lack of them. I imagine the SNP faithful will come back with all sorts of excuses, but the fact remains there are certain young people whose future looks bleak. And then there is the hate crime bill, about to be enacted, there is a real fear of falling foul of this bill through no fault of your own. The right to freedom of speech is under threat and don’t get me started on the rights of women to air their views.

I remember the days where everyone was on the same page, where politics were set aside, and the focus was on independence. It would seem new facebook groups are being set up, this time to accommodate those who are not welcomed to air their views on the SNP SUPPORTING pages who masquerade as being for Scottish independence. If you want independence and are not afflicted with any party, or heaven forbid you are a supporter of Alba you best hightail it out of any SNP supporting group, and woe betide if you find an article you have written but not posted you had better run for cover because the spontaneous combustion of those who live, and breath SNP and Nicola Sturgeon will not be a pretty sight.

I shall await the outcome if this article makes it onto one of these pages and if they say this is shite, well, I don’t care, I shall be somewhere in the corner of the internet laughing at them and if that makes me a bad independence supporter – well I don’t care.


  1. Why are so many Scots taken in by Nicola Sturgeon! She’s great at giving Covid updates but ask about Independence and, well……you’re not allowed to discuss Independence! Says it all!

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  2. I don’t live and breath SNP but the inference that if the SNP were replaced all the ills cited would be resolved and not exist and we would be living in Utopia is a falicy. Bottom line is it takes money that is currently not available to do that. Every failed ref moves things further away from gaining success so it is important to move at the right time to ensure success – and that is not at a time to please militants who think calling a referendum is somehow achieving something, but when a majority of voters, with a good “cushion”, will have the confidence to vote yes.

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  3. I left NowScotland after their Special General Meeting at the end of April. Throughout the whole event it was “SNP” and then – with every appearance of grudging reluctance – “and other Independence supporting parties”. They could not bring themselves to name even one them.

    As a member of one of those other parties (and a donor to another), I can tell them this: if they want to have any future in the Independence movement, they need to acknowledge the other parties by name.

    They are not the only group that has fallen into this trap.

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  4. You are absolutely right. This is the state of play in the ‘Indy’ movement just now. Though I’ve been told by several people that many of those Facebook groups have been set up by the SNP I.T. people so its hardly surprising they don’t want critically thinking folks from other parties coming along & dissing the SNP.

    The fact is, there is a LOT wrong with the SNP at the moment. They’ve lost THOUSANDS of members in the last little while. These were people who fought for Indy alongside one another, they marched together & they subbed the party without question. They were unquestionably loyal to the SNP. But they left. Why are those still there, not asking themselves WHY they’ve left? Or accept they left for good reasons? Why are those people sooo very hostile to those who no longer agree with them on the way forward with SNP? It’s one thing to not agree – it’s another to be as bitter and angry & hostile, as they are!! I find that really strange…

    I think SOME resent that we left because we wouldn’t countenance the SNP’s now shoddy behaviour, their manipulating to get their own people in the most important & effective roles, ie NEC. That they rigged the NEC election to get their own people on board. That they’ve effectively acted in what seems very much like a fraudulent nature, using money that wasn’t theirs, for things that the donors didn’t want it used for. They have put policies in place that effectively erase out WOMEN from society and effectively jail people if those policies are not followed explicitly. They have introduced the most appalling sex education material into primary school classes, which is pretty much legalised GROOMING. They have lied, misrepresented & conspired to jail innocent people – PRO-INDY BLOGGERS, while rewarding MSM with £3m of tax payers money, to denigrate Scots wherever & whenever possible and to continue harassing & re-trialing Alex Salmond. They have sailed more than too close to the illegal wind. And on top of all that, they’ve moved NOT ONE INCH on INDEPENDENCE, their raison d’etre. NOT ONE INCH.

    We won’t countenance all that. We refuse to be a part of those shenanigans & those attempts to hurt innocent people, to ruin their lives & to make their lives as anxious & fearful as possible.We wouldn’t accept such horrendous behaviour so we left. And they HATE that! They want us to ‘keep the heid’, ‘eyes on the prize’, – keep believing in fairytales. Those still loyal, are okay with ALL OF THAT. They just DON’T CARE about SNP hurting anyone else. So I ask myself WHY? Why do they see all that horrendous behaviour as fine? And I can only think – as long as they get what they want – to stay in the union. YES – I truly believe many of those people remaining in the SNP have assessed the new SNP, they recognise INDY is never coming by way of Nicola Sturgeon, that is actually what THEY want too & are fine with ‘the new order’. Now – for their part, they’re railing against other Indy parties, they’re guilting ALBA members & calling them ‘supposed indy supporters’, blah blah blah, in an effort to demoralise us to the point we all throw in the towel. They’ve used the SNP FB pages to demoralise, dismiss & reduce the one party, ALBA, that stands for Independence, as of no consequence, & use the election results as a put-down to make us feel we’re getting nowhere so we might as well GIVE UP.

    Strange how not one MP, MSP has raised his head above the parapet since all this SNP shenanigans? Two left the party before the elections but it’s recently that much has come out about how nasty the SNP behaviour has been. Why has no other MP/MSP decried the behaviour? Why are even those we thought top people, still there & not saying a word about what’s happening? I CANNOT BELIEVE people like Phillipa Whitford are scared of Nicola Sturgeon. I just don’t believe it! She is a highly successful, confident, surgeon in her own right. She doesn’t need this job. So – is she just not as moral a person I thought she was? Did I get it so wrong?? So what keeps her & Joanna Cherry there? I just don’t know… But it seems somehow there is some kind of benefit to staying & keeping quiet (though I don’t think Jo Cherry is going along with it)… What is it?

    ANYWAY, sorry this is so long!! But I agree there’s such a split in the Indy movement now & can’t help trying to work out why. But that’s certainly what it looks like! Psychological warfare. SNP seem to have been got at. And hardly surprising, seeing how antsy WM is getting about the threat of Indy! They’re going to employ EVERY TOOL IN THEIR INDY WARFARE BOX. Big handouts of money to those in SNP & psychological warfare against ALBA & supporters that are still ‘out for Indy’. Are these, indeed, WM tools at play?

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