I Pledge Allegiance?

According to ‘The Times Article’ NHS staff in Scotland are being invited to sign a pledge and wear a badge to show support for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. I have no problem at all with NHS staff wearing badges what I do have a problem with is the signing of a pledge. Are you kidding me? What wording is in this pledge and why does the Scottish Health Service and Scottish Government deem this to be necessary? I thought the whole point of the NHS was to treat those who are sick. Since when did the National Health Service get involved in pledges?

Participation in the scheme will be monitored, why? Why monitor those who take part and what will happen to those who do not, of course it has been said that those not taking part will not be monitored, really? It won’t take a genius to work out who has signed the pledge and who hasn’t. Those who are taking part will adorn an enamel, rainbow-themed badge to show their willingness to speak up and challenge intolerance. What are they saying, those who do not take the pledge and wear the badge would not speak up?

Having staff decide to wear a badge is a good thing, however, the sinister side of me wonders why the pledge and why the monitoring. Would it be a case of those who have signed the pledge being promoted over those who have not? The pledge is entirely voluntary according to the Scottish government, but what happens to those who choose not to sign?


  1. Yet another step in the dark controlling agenda of Nicola Sturgeon, Now that Stonewall is being found out, this is yet another move to force the transgender ideology into the everyday life of the people of Scotland

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  2. The NHS rules already include EVERYONE being treated the same. There IS no need for this, it is just causing more anger (even hatred)where NONE existed before this stupidity.
    Already there have been tweets from some of the eejits aligned with or ARE trans, calling for those who refuse to wear the badge to be fired. When is this country going to open it’s eyes & see we have a CULT of SELF ID trans who want to make all the rules & take over every public institution. Of course their CULT LEADER is assuring them so long as she reigns. THEY are the chosen ones.. I know one nurse who says metal badges are not or at least were not allowed, anything that has a pin was considered dangerous to patients. Mr YUSless doesn’t seem to have spoken to NHS staff about his stupid idea, or he would have been told so..

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  3. Do you know what I had written something about this then I thought better of it. I only thing I’m looking forward to is the SNP drones waken up and smelling the coffee and deciding enough is enough and giving Sturgeon and the Husband the boot I wonder witch will come first the Husband or Sturgeon.

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  4. A Huge insult to all those NHS heroes, whom only a year ago, we were out on the streets applauding for their performance over and above the call of duty.
    Health care professionals already work with all sections of the public without favour or judgement and many have already made a pledge to do so, via their professional bodies.
    Monitoring ‘wrongthink’ and reporting colleagues is incredibly sinister Stasi style tactics. Sign the Pride pledge or you don’t get promoted?
    Despite hundreds of organisations stepping away from Stonewall, including a couple of founder members, Nicola Sturgeon is determined to double down.
    The SNP/Scottish government has lost the plot on this one.

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