“We’re here for the biggest comeback since Lazarus”.

It would seem the people of Scotland only have pride in their country when the national team are playing. Any other time there are those who would talk it down.

Last nights scenes were one of joy as the national team held England to a nil, nil draw and boy were we celebrating. It seemed like the whole of Scotland were watching the game. My heart swelled with pride as the ‘Tartan Army’ descended on London. Swaths of people emerged from Kings Cross station singing at the top of their voices. It was a good job they were not there to attend a wedding as singing and dancing is banned. Throughout the day and night drunken Scots were watched by bewildered English folk.  Yes, that is what happiness looks like. Shot from an upstairs flat a small group of Scots could be seen such was their joy that the young couple ended up joining them and a good time was had by all. The Scots unable to gather at Trafalgar Square wound up in Leicester Square where they bathed in a fountain of bubbles. Friday saw more fans arrive, this time from Edinburgh’s Waverly Station. The pouring rain did not dampen their spirits as the joyous festivities continued throughout the day. Back home fans gathered in Glasgow Green basking in glorious sunshine, their spirits just as high as their counterparts in London; all enjoying the day and what was to come later.

Even before the match had started the cocky English pundits had written Scotland off, such was their arrogance. As the match unfolded a collective holding of our breath ensued, afraid to breath until it was over. The intensity increasing as each minute passed. Half time, you would have though we would have taken time to breath out, not a chance, we still had the second half to go. Scotland were the better side. Whatever pep talk had been given after Monday’s disaster seemed to have worked.

People took to social media to inform those having a fly look how intense it was, TikTok awash with images from ‘Braveheart’. As pride swelled in our team’s performance. The pundits who had written Scotland off had gone quiet, a nil, nil draw, we will take that. And of course, the chorus of ‘you didn’t win’ from the disappointed English. Well, neither did you. Scots came with a party atmosphere; I can only imagine what that atmosphere was like for those travelling home. If only we could transfer this atmosphere into pride for our country. Singing the national anthem at the top of our voices is one thing but putting it into action is another. I await the ultimate win over England, well to be specific, Westminster, that of independence, however, we must win an even bigger battle and that is over the SNP and their reluctance for independence.

End note: I cannot take credit for the title, I saw it on a sign and thought it was brilliant.