A Question of Independence!

There are many who call themselves British I however am not one of them therefore you can imagine my surprise to wake to find ‘one nation one Britain’ trending. Are you kidding me? How dear these pompous arses eradicate my country and my identity. I am not and never will be British. This is a ploy by Westminster to eradicate the identity of every nation of the UK so that England remains ruler of the state and there are those in Scotland who would be only too happy for this to happen.

The ones who constantly talk the country down.

Scotland is a country, not a state and certainly not a region of England, although many would like it to be. Scotland is in my soul. I often wonder what William Wallace or Robert the Bruce would think if they happened on Scotland today. Invaded by England, or those coming from England to set up home, raise a family and make a living, new Scots as we like to call them. But are they? Is Scotland in their blood the way it is in mine? When it comes down to a referendum how would they vote? I am guessing some would vote for Scotland to be an independent country, however, I am of the belief that most would not care a jot for the country in which they reside as long as they are able to make a decent living, buy a cheaper house in which to raise their family.

Last evening, I saw a tweet of someone wishing to go to London as they could get better care and another in answer to the tweet that they were thinking of going to Liverpool as it was like Scotland. Does this sound like people who would fight for this country, no, it is sounds like someone who has made Scotland their home because it suited them at the time? Or someone from Scotland leaving because the country does not suit their needs.

There are many incomers to Scotland that are diehard Scots and would vote yes in a referendum but there are those who couldn’t care less because they know nothing of Scotland or her history. They know nothing of the clans, or the genocide of the Highland Clearances. To be fair though, there are Scots who also know nothing of these things.

I believe when it comes to the question of independence it should be a question for those born in Scotland, or those of Scottish descent. If the shoe were on the other foot and it were England who were wanting to succeed, would Scots living in England be given the vote? Would other foreign nationals? Were Europeans given a vote on the EU referendum? No, of course not, therefore why should the world and its mother have a say on our independence? Of course, there will be those who say, well I live here I should get to vote. Living here does not in my opinion give you the entitlement to vote on the constitution. I am not anti-English, or Anti foreign nationals, you are welcome here. I just believe that when it comes to a question on whether Scotland should be an independent country the answer should come from Scots.

I know this will be an unpopular opinion and quite frankly, I don’t care.


  1. As the person who is thinking of moving to Liverpool, I can assure you I am Scotland born and bred. I fought pretty hard for independence in the run up 2014. But I do love travelling and moving around. In fact, I returned home from abroad in 2017, certain that the fight for independence would be back on imminently. What happened instead was four years of hell politics, largely thanks to the SNP.

    I love Scotland and very much want to stay here, but it infuriates me as well: our lack of independence, those who continually fight against it, our media, our politics. My reason for wanting to leave now is pure frustration and despair. Liverpool is very like Glasgow (not Scotland as a whole, Glasgow specifically), in that is has a lively music scene, friendly people with a great sense of humour and a left wing, angry political culture. But it lacks the sectarianism and the politics which seek to do it down all the time – that comes from London and the south, as it does with Scotland, but isn’t also coming continually from people inside. It also isn’t run by a party continually bleating about independence and raising people’s hopes while doing nothing about it.

    Before the referendum, I had such hopes Scotland was truly moving forward, that the SNP would tackle issues like sectarianism, that kind of unionism would die off and we’d finally be a normal small country. I have none of that hope now, just utter depression about the direction of travel. And that’s the danger with the direction the SNP are going in now – the EU citizens were first to leave, the young people, the outward thinkers, the independent minded Scots who are beyond frustrated with Scotland and its politics will be next. Scotland will be left as a unionist backwater because they’re the only people who’ll stay, along with those with huge amounts from house sales in London and the SE coming for the views and cheaper housing.

    btw, the person I was responding too was and is, also a huge independence supporter and, as an American, I think shares my frustration at Scotland and its lack of backbone and progress on independence.

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  2. Completely agree, when the Brexit referendum was drawn up Westminster excluded E.U nationals from voting. Just to make it more likely they’d win

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  3. It’s not an unpopular opinion with me Karen,

    It’s perfectly normal for English nationals living in Scotland to vote in the interests of their motherland even though they may be living here, what is not normal is allowing them to do so, the honourable thing for any non Scottish national to do in any constitutional vote would be to abstain due to self interest

    It doesn’t make them bad people it just makes them normal people, they didn’t allow EU nationals a Brexit vote for obvious reasons, it wasn’t in my view racist it was logical and the same logic should and I hope will apply to any future Independence referendum

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  4. I don’t discount your stance but I do have some questions. Do you limit the vote to those born in Scotland and living in Scotland only? When you talk of ‘scottish descent’ how far back are you talking about? What about those born Scottish but living in England/Wales/overseas? Do they get a vote too?
    If I don’t get a vote would I still spend time and energy campaigning? How do you target only those who will get the vote, and how many votes in total are we looking at?
    I do think, giving the vote last time around to students in particular was a bad idea. While they might be here for 4 years unless they are Scottish there is little comeback for them when they return to their own country after they have completed their course, unlike those of us who live here and have to live with the consequences.

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  5. David Cameron was quick out of the traps to stipulate English votes for English laws.

    Scottish nationals voting for Scotland and Independence seems no a bad wee quid pro quo.

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  6. I have to say I agree with your take on this. This is a huge Scottish decision & thus it should be Scots that make that decision.

    New Scots who come to live here retain the right to vote in their own ‘home’ country and they see that as their right. So I would think they see it as fair that Scots should apply the same rules when it comes to something as important as constitutional matters. If people live, work & pay taxes here, it’s right they get a say in choosing their representatives in government that will use their taxes in a way they feel benefits them most. THAT is right and fair. But the Constitutional question, that of independence, needs to be specifically for the people who are born here, very long term residents who have become naturalised citizens or those with Scots parents. These people haven’t just given Scotland a couple of years of their lives – their families have invested generations here & so it should be, it IS, their right to decide the future of Scotland.

    Apparently Scotland has gained almost 1m English residents in the last few years. As a country of just over 5.5m Scots, that is a HUGE amount of immigrants coming in to live. But those people bring their own culture, their own ways of living, of worshiping, of working, & ways of spending their leisure time. If the numbers of immigrants moving in continues, Scots will find that more & more their own culture is subsumed by the culture of the incomers. They also bring with them their idea of ‘British’, (though they may be disillusioned enough with England to move up here) and their loyalty to the UK. Which in itself is fine. But that attitude isn’t Scottish, it isn’t putting Scotland first & thus, I can’t see why someone whose lives are TOTALLY invested in Scotland, should have to live with the consequences of the decisions made by someone who is still invested in ‘the UK’. That isn’t fair to the native peoples of Scotland.

    No other country lets a foreign country or foreign national immigrants make such big decisions for them. Why should Scots/Scotland be different? Scotland is, after all, a COUNTRY. It’s in a Political union, but it is a country in its own right. I think people really forget or just plain STRUGGLE with that! Scottish families with generations of history have populated the land. And the present descendants of those generations have natural rights to make decisions about the ultimate state of their country. ALL countries over all the world have rules that immigrants have to live with. My husband worked 47 weeks of the year in the Sultanate of Oman, so technically he was considered a ‘resident’. But he didn’t get a vote. It’s how immigration works.

    I do understand that many English/Other Nationals/New Scots want Indy & support the Independence campaign. And I would hope they want it enough to help gain Indy for Scotland, even though they may not qualify to vote. After all, those who DO qualify to vote will hopefully be voting for Independence, so EVERYONE will benefit! New Scots will have to trust us and we will vote for a new Scotland for THEM as well as born Scots.

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