Living it large in London!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am past listening to anything Ian Blackford has to say.

It would seem Ian Blackford takes his job in Westminster very seriously indeed. For years now he has taken pride in holding the Conservative government to account. Week after week he stands up in parliament and challenges them on whatever tomfoolery they are getting up to now. All while completely ignoring what he and others in the party were sent to Westminster to do.

Settle up, not in.

Apart from a couple whom it would seem are genuine independence supporters, many are there I am quite sure for the large salary and benefits that comes with the job. Living it large in London while people struggle financially here in Scotland is fascinating. Back in 2015 the first time we sent 56 MPs to London we had high hopes and for the first weeks or was it days that they showed great promise of disrupting proceedings. What with taking selfies, applause and singing in the chamber. That however soon changed when we seen them settle in before our very eyes. Of course, they were those who were defiant Mhairi Black whose maiden speech will be remembered for years to come.

For years now Westminster have been reminded almost daily by Blackford that Scotland are watching, yes back then the people of Scotland were watching and applauding the SNP, particularly when they developed a backbone and walked out after Blackford had been thrown out of the chamber for refusing to sit down. That was the time in my opinion for the Westminster contingent to be brought home. The ripple that action had caused should have sent shockwaves in Westminster. By calling them home to Edinburgh and have them work in Holyrood on a plan for independence would have had Westminster on the backfoot, instead they trotted back into the chamber with tails between their legs and have done nothing to strengthen the independence cause, if anything they have weakened it.

Scotland is watching, Blackford would say. Yes, we were, we watched every day the SNP MPs getting their butts kicked, we watched Scotland be humiliated and put down by the Conservatives and Labour, it seemed to be open season. Yet, we still had hope that the SNP had some master plan up their sleeve that would get us out of the danger we faced if we were dragged out of the European Union and some of us believed the SNP would by some stroke of genius prevent this. It was always going to happen; we were just hoodwinked into thinking the SNP would wave a magic wand and all would be well.

Scotland faces being asset stripped by the government of England to pay for their Brexit and all we can do is watch and weep. Even now as we career to disaster the SNP MPs and MSPs are bleating on about independence. It is far too late; Sturgeon has already said there will be no referendum until after the Covid crisis is over and has gone as far to suggest that it must wait until the economy recovers. We cannot wait that long, every minute we spend trying to get Sturgeon and her team to devise another way in which to gain independence we can wave goodbye to many things in this country, not least the NHS which will now be sold off piece by piece to the USA. When we are brought back under direct Conservative rule you can kiss goodbye to independence. Those who still think the Scottish National Party are the party for independence are living under a rock. They are not a party for independence and have not been for some time. They are sell-outs who masquerade as a party for Scottish freedom in order to gain power, now they are terrified of other parties who actually do stand on a platform for independence. It makes them sick to their stomach because they know once the people of Scotland catch on to what they have done, their days will be numbered and I for one cannot wait to see them fall.