It is not coming home and neither it would seem is independence.

This past month all we have heard from south of the border is the words ‘it’s coming home’ sung by jubilant English fans and encouraged by overzealous media pundits before a ball was even kicked. And it almost did come home but like independence for Scotland the dream has died our dream killed off by the parcel o rogues in a nation.  

I took a week off from writing to recharge my batteries and decide If I want to continue to flog this dead horse. The tagline in my blog reads free by twenty-three, at this rate I doubt very much if we will be free by thirty-three or in my lifetime. Like England in the Euros, we came so near, yet so far with huge turnouts at the marches and rallies it would seem we were very much on the course of showing Sturgeon we meant business only to discover that the very person whom we had put in place to help with the political part of the movement had other ideas. Even now that parcel o rogues are still trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.  

I intend to keep this blog going until next year at least. If nothing has happened by this time next year then I shall not renew my subscription and step back. I have given this movement all I can I cannot keep writing the same articles. I am done with it. Time for me to move on. Does that mean I am giving up on independence, no of course not. I am however giving up on trying to persuade people that the SNP is not the way to go.  


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  1. Sorry Karen but your job is to find the angle that works, so no quitting for you. The entire debate is mired in the tar-pit of inaction and ineptitude. There has to be a way out and given the sorry state of media in general, it seems that only the bloggers have any sort of leeway or imagination to find a solution.

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  2. I know exactlyt how you feel, 54yrs an SNP voter 12yrs a member, what she has allowed to happen to that party just beggars belief. My hopes now, lie with ALBA, at least we know in them we have a leader who is NOT feart of WM, infact WM is terrified of him..We just have to start getting them voting into position starting with the local elections next year..

    Keep doing your blogs, they help us non bloggers a great deal..

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  3. Hi Karen, I’m new to your blog, but I can sympathise. It gets very wearingly saying the same things over and over and no one listens. That sounds arrogant, but I don’t mean it like that: what I mean is that it is so utterly exhausting seeing what is, as opposed to what you want to see, knowing, when so many just don’t want to know. As a fresh-faced wee lassie, I never thought, so many years later, we would be at this place now, where our own movement has left us. I despair on both independence and GRA reform and the Hate Crime legislation – and much more. The bloggers and the commentators are the true inheritors of the Cassandra Syndrome. Troy will fall. It remains to be seen what, if anything, will rise from the ashes.

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