“…you just offer the electorate a vote on independence…”

It would seem that the ‘both votes SNP’ crowd have gone silent could it be that they are finally realising that the party they have given their second vote to has wasted not only that one but their first also? 

Back in May you were sure the SNP were the route to independence, how is that working out for you? Are we any nearer? Where is the masterplan you all spoke off, the one the blessed Nicola had up her sleeve? Not only are we out of the European Union but we are now faced with Nicola’s new pet project, that of climate change. Speaking at the Austrian Summit Sturgeon stated that we are all preoccupied with Covid but the “threats of climate change, nature loss, pollution, remains the single biggest challenge that the world faces.”  

Whether you believe in climate change remains to be seen, that is not the issue, the issue right now is the fact that the Tories are coming for Holyrood, Boris Johnson has said as much. Of course, they will not close it overnight, that would be silly, all they need do is erode powers until it is nothing more than a museum.

South of the border they are in the process of handing over the NHS in England to their chums. When David Cameron told the Tory Conference back in 2006 that it was safe in their hands, he was not telling the public, he was addressing big business. There are huge amounts of money to be made from the illness of a public. Last year I wrote an article for this blog on just how much healthcare cost in America which is not for the faint of heart. It runs into the thousands and for the uninsured, well, that does not bare thinking about. We need out of this union but if Sturgeon and her cohorts are anything to go by, that is not going to happen, not when she has a new pet project to be getting on with.  

“Scotland.” Sturgeon told the Austrian Climate Summit, “Is honoured that Glasgow will be the venue for COP and we are working closely with the UK government to make sure that it is successful.” 

Does this sound like the First Minister has her mind firmly fixed on independence for Scotland? No, of course not.  She went on “That honour comes with a massive responsibility. Scotland is one of the birth places of the industrial age so we are now determined to lead by example in the race to net zero.” Not leading the way in the race to independence then. Right now, Scotland faces a bigger crisis, that of being asset stripped for the Tory Brexit Sturgeon spent a great deal of time trying to stop. Out of the European Union and out of options, Scotland faces a very bleak future. The crunch of the interview came at the end when Sturgeon was asked to share why having taken the bold action over climate change, she was re-elected. “How do you do that; how do you get transformative policies into place and still win voters’ approval?”  

That is easy, you just offer the electorate a vote on independence is what I would have said, had I been there.  


4 thoughts on ““…you just offer the electorate a vote on independence…”

  1. Does Nicola Sturgeon actually ‘stand for’ anything? She stands on an assumed platform for independence but only mentioned it once the idea of making May a Plebiscite for it.
    It’s the Hate Crime Bill, GRA self ID and now Climate. She’s all over the place and needs to go!

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  2. nallyanders: it’s the pseudo ‘woke’ agenda. You can be all things to all men (and women) and still actually be nothing to anybody, do precisely nothing and still appear to be doing something. We live in a particularly vacuous, virtue-signalling, unenlightened age when reality and the truth have little value, but appearance trumps everything because it’s easy and popular. Populists down through the centuries have employed the techniques. Climate change is a frightening prospect, and, certainly, our profligacy is damaging our planet, but, as usual, there will be the usual talking shops and everything remains the same whilst the ordinary Joe and Jean pay the price of the paltry measures taken to give the appearance of actually doing something.

    When the leader of the party of independence goes to the UN and talks about her commitment to GRA reform, about how a handful of dysphoric people and thousands of paraphiliac and fetishistic men are in need of ALL women’s spaces and rights, which they, women, should divest themselves of immediately and just be kind, and not about her absolute dedication to restoring her country’s full autonomy as her status demands, you know you’re in deep doo-doo. The question can be asked quite legitimately: just why did you jump so quickly into Alec Salmond’s shoes if you never had the slightest intention of taking us to independence?

    We could forgive NS if she had even tried and failed, but not to even try at all, but cling on like a limpet to power in the only party capable of bring independence is shameful, and all the while playing the feminist card while betraying her entire sex like so many of the handmaidens who would sell their souls for the approval of some of the most malignant men of our age.

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