I hope they are as embarrassed as I am for them!

Are we any nearer to independence?  I mean it’s been what? Two months since Sturgeon are her minions re-entered Holyrood. Can anyone tell me what they have been doing in that time? I know Sturgeon has been doing her updates, although not daily thank the lord. But what other things have the SNP been getting up to? I know there may be a case of fraud being investigated by Police Scotland that may be consuming those at the top but what have the others been doing to earn their money?

The independence dream is gone, killed off by the very party that are supposed to want it. And it would seem those pushing the both votes SNP have suddenly gone quiet, could that be because they realise that the both votes SNP meant more empty promises? I hope they are as embarrassed as I am for them.

Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result” That could be said of the Scottish electorate, repeatedly putting the SNP into power and expecting them to deliver independence.

We had the perfect opportunity to deliver a super majority back in May had the SNP diehards took time to research what Sturgeon and her minions had been doing to weaken the independence cause. Had they taken a step back and asked themselves why the hierarchy were hellbent on stopping any plan B from happening or why Sturgeon was too busy trying to stop the democracy of two other nations when she travelled around in a huge yellow bus trying to stop Brexit. What she should have been doing was addressing the people who put her in power. What she should have been doing is tackling the crisis that would and has now begun to unfold. We are in the position we are in because Sturgeon and her minions seem only interested in their ‘pet’ projects. They seem to be held to ransom by a minority of people who obviously have the ear of the First Minister and are pushing their agenda onto the public whether we like it or not.

There will not be independence referendum while the hierarchy of this SNP remain in place, I await the outcome of the police investigation but I have a sneaky suspicion they will come up smelling of roses, then again, maybe not.


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  1. From early 2015, it became very evident that independence was the last thing on the agenda. So many appear to believe that the pseudo ‘woke’ agenda is the distraction. Not so. For those who infiltrated and infested the party from the far Labour left, the distraction is independence. Think about it. It is mostly men in the party, with a number of honourable exceptions, who believe that nonsense about the pseudo ‘woke’ agenda being the distraction. We are not going to be allowed to get anywhere near independence with this leadership because it is intrinsically devolutionist – perhaps a bit more devolutionist than right now, but devolutionist, nonetheless. It has an agenda that does not chime with many members now, but that agenda is almost wholly domestic. The international constitution question has been supplanted by the domestic.

    I really don’t know how we get back on track now with independence because every opportunity has been squandered utterly, and it is now going to be very much more difficult. The National letters pages are full of pleas for a second indyref. What do you have to do and say to these people to make them understand that: a) they have to get one; b) they have to campaign in a very different way from 2014; and c) they need to WIN it. That is going to be the most difficult part, actually winning it, considering the 2014 result, which, of course, so few actually do with any honesty. A pre indy referendum of any kind is a distraction – a real one. The first one was necessary to show us that that particular route could never be followed a second time. It has to be an electoral win and resiling the Treaty. What are the party strategists getting paid for if they haven’t even sussed that out? Or have they and the leadership has sidelined them, too?

    The Treaty is the foundation of the Union and must be resiled, no matter how we gain our independence, so why bother with all the unnecessary slogging up hills we don’t have to climb when you can use the win in the SE just gone – yes, it was a bloody win, however you look at it, and the party that won and the party that backs it (supposedly), the Green Party, both have independence as their policy. This government can take the Treaty and our case to the UN tomorrow and resile the Treaty and restore our nationhood and sovereignty. Don’t let them fool you with any nonsense that it can’t be done. It can. Remember: independence is the distraction to be brought out when we start to get restless again; the pseudo ‘woke’ agenda is the main course for these pseudo ‘wokerati’.

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    1. Would agree absolutely lorncal. Your consistency in promoting resiling of the treaty can no longer be ignored by those genuinely seeking Independence if any progress is to be achieved in severing the bonds by which Scotland and the Scots are ensnared.

      I would hazard the current party strategists have been hired not with Independence as the abiding priority rather than having it, as you point out, a distraction to be introduced when they come under pressure as a result of public awareness of ineptitude in other spheres of policy and decision making.

      What is particularly galling to the point is that SNP elected politicians have NOT dared to challenge in an open forum party policy in this regard more so the fact they, all of them, were elected on a mandate to deliver Scotland’s Independence from this toxic Union. Time all of them ‘woke’ up to their responsibilities in delivering Independence!

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  2. Well said Karen. The only time Sturgeon mentions Independence is in the run up to any election. Doubtless next year’s Council elections will spark off similar utterances.
    Wholly agree with you, Alex was our best chance which is why he had to be ‘removed’.

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  3. The first referendum should never be repeated, Karen. It was invaluable in that it showed us just how crucial it is now that we don’t go for the second indyref/Edinburgh Agreement route because, extrapolating the results of that referendum for analyses purposes, it appears rather likely that we would lose again. The ‘Indyref2′ brigade never seem to consider that we’ might lose again, and that that would be utterly disastrous for the cause, far, far worse than losing the first one. The Treaty is a gift for us if we use it properly, and there is little doubt in my mind – for what that’s worth – that it really is, in conjunction with winning the election (which the SNP did), the only viable route that cannot be gainsaid by those on the Unionist side.

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  4. Sturgeon is a waste of space not to put too fine a point on it. She avoided scrutiny in Holyrood by suggesting SNP 1& 2 which stopped Alba getting in. That was her objective for sure. Unfortunately it worked. Alba wanted to work with SNP but she didn’t reciprocate. She’s no friend of Independence. Check out Professor Alfie Baird who suggests we avoid going down the Referendum Route. There’s a better option in his opinion by calling time on the original Treaty Of Union.

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