If wee Johnny puts on a dress in nursery, he’s playing dress up!

There is a time and place for discussions on gender identification, however, those discussions should be kept out of nursery. As previously stated, I believe that people can be born in the wrong body and should be able to change if they so wish. That said, bringing it into primary is concerning enough but nursery? 

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As someone who has worked in nurseries and with four-year-olds in particular I can tell you that when wee Johnny puts on a dress and high-heels, all he is doing is playing a role for that day and will put on a superman outfit and pretend to be superman the next.  

In all my years of work, never have I ever come across any child who categorically stated that they are a certain gender, they may say they are male or female but they also may state that they are a super hero, does that mean wee Johnny is superman?  

Imaginative play is very important to the development of Children, according to Bain and Martin “Imaginative and imitative play flourishes, reflecting the child’s observation of real life as well as fulfilment of his desires.” 

If wee Johnny is playing dress up, he is playing a role, if he carries a doll or goes to the shops, posts a letter, answers the phone he is taken on the role of someone else. According to Bruce and Meggitt, “Children use their own real-life experiences and rearrange them.”  

The fact that a 70 page document drawn up by LBGT advisory group including Stonewall has been sent to schools by the Scottish government is concerning, as stated above in all my time as an early years’ practitioner I have never came across any child who has stated they are the opposite gender. If they did however, practitioners would not correct the child, merely let them be whatever they have chosen to be for that day. Whether it be Princess Jasime, or whatever Disney Princess the girls were playing that day, or a dinosaur as was all the rage when I worked in nursery education. Children were encouraged to be whatever they wanted to be. What didn’t happen, and should never happen is the casual way in which teachers and early years practitioners are encouraged to keep secrets from parents. If transgender is to be encouraged then why the secrecy around it? Why keep the fact that wee Johnny has said he’s a girl, or wee Jeany has stated that she is a boy. Why are teachers discouraged from mentioning this to the parent? And as stated, if many children grow out of this.  

Then why is it being implemented into nursery education? 

Bain and Martin believe “Four-year-olds may show curiosity about sex, children will explore one another’s bodies and perhaps indulge in mutual genital manipulation, no emotions except sensuous pleasure are involved”   

Children do explore sexual curiosity but that is all it is, they are not developed enough to know what they are exploring, yet we are being led to believe that they know at that age that they are a boy or a girl and that teachers are to use the he/she pronouns. Children of that age do not know what a pronoun is.

Let them be children, let them have their role play, leave them to develop into what they would like to be.  


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  1. They also have no clue what pronouns are when they’re that age. This is no more than a document for grooming our children. It needs recalled and binned.

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  2. Kids play should always be taken as just that. Why assign ‘adult’ motives to children? Why is it ok to affirm children to keep secrets from Mummy and Daddy?
    SAS who has been ‘fronting’ the Schools Guidance says there are 200 children asking for support to transition, well ok but taken as a proportion of the 794,000 schoolkids in Scotland it’s a tiny proportion.
    Why does the entire school population need stories about blue crayons being mislabelled red? Why not simply give these materials and the support to the 200 who need it and leave the rest at peace.
    It’s only creating confusion where before, none existed.

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  3. I may be seeing this very wrongly, but I do believe we have entered a new phase in human evolution – and I’m not talking about changing sex. From close to, it looks as if we are going backwards at a rate of knots, but I think we are going forwards, even as the storm clouds gather.

    I offer no validation to Trans Identified Males (TIMs) or Trans Identified Females (FIMs) because no scientific or biological evidence exists for the validation of such a condition as being in any way a product of science or biology. In no way, however, would I dismiss anyone who does feel that he or she is in the “wrong body” when, in fact, to all rational eyes, it is the mind which harbours these, what I will call, delusions. In the future, irrefutable evidence might come to light that I am entirely wrong and the trans lobby is right, but, until that day arrives, we cannot promulgate laws on what might be, only on what is. Prevention of harm must go hand-in-hand with the law. Ironically, although she received no recognition – a man taking the prize as per – it was a woman scientist who worked out that our sex lies in our chromosomes – at gene level.

    What I believe is going to happen, from looking closely at the situation of heightened male anger, aggression towards females, blaming them for all ills, right across the world, is that the human species is metamorphosing into ‘saving the species’ mode. That cannot be done if we continue to allow men to continue to misuse the planet, through rogue and predatory capitalism, through the crushing of all knowledge offered by the 50%+ part of that human species. Our planet will die. We will die.

    I strongly believe that the female input has become, not just necessary, but utterly crucial to our, and our planet’s, survival. I also believe that, at some instinctive level, males understand that their time in absolute, crushing control is now finite and that is why, at the very earliest stages, driven by the need to prevent female autonomy, as opposed to male autocracy, they are trying to push female children off the rails, out of education, out of public spaces that were once theirs, into surgery and hormones, and, ultimately mental disintegration.

    All male cruelty to, crushing of, the female, is aimed at control – keeping females subordinate, sexually available to them, and, above all, uneducated and helpless so that their role will continue forever to be one of breeding machine, cleaner, servant (speaking in general terms). Girls and women are overtaking males of all ages at an alarming speed since the shackles were removed in the 20th century. Women can have babies, work, do most of the shit work and still come out the other side unbowed. Women in Africa and India have toiled in the fields and carried the babies on their backs for millennia, but education is, and will be, their saviour – and ours. Education and birth control go together like Fred and Ginger. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is a fool, but I think men in power understand it only too well, and fear it.

    The trans lobby is funded heavily by private, corporate interests and also by public interests, the vast majority of which are male-led and driven and the handmaids are kept in place through the carrot and stick allocation of funding and the ever-present threat of withdrawal if they don’t behave. Women do not own corporations and rarely, if ever, head them. We don’t have money. We don’t control huge swathes of the Earth’s resources. Neither, to be fair, do most men, but the willingness of so many of them to feed off the crrumbs of the rich man’s table and kick women in the face if they raise their heads, makes them just as guilty. Follow the dosh, the sponduliks, the lolly, and you will find a fat-cat man at the end of the rainbow polishing that pot of gold with the left-over Brasso from his constant neck-rubbing.

    Maybe, this time, Mother Nature will outwit him and make him swallow the gold, pot and all, and choke on it, because, if she doesn’t, our species won’t be around for much longer, as resources dwindle and dog-eat-dog takes precedence over social mutuality. One thing is certain: lobbyists are the greatest threat to democracy now; and Stonewall and its allies represent, as lobbyists, some of the biggest money machines on the planet: the multi-billion porn industry; and the big medical and pharmaceutical corporations; and the multi-billion social media. Their connections have been traced and authenticated by enterprising journalists in both Canada and The States. What, you might ask, is the Scottish government’s interest? You might well ask.

    All this is no coincidence and neither is the intricate and inter-linked network of trans, incels, mens rights groups, men’s sexual rights groups, the porn industry, social media, etc. that has grown up against female rights and even existence on this Earth. They are scared. They are afraid. They need to be.

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    1. Yes, Brenda, but the Swedish MSM was prepared to tell the truth about this fallacy that you can change sex at the drop of a hat. Ours is not: they push this nonsense daily day right across the board. Some are at least willing to give a voice to the biology and science upholders, but, even then, the final word is always given to the trans lobby. I fear that we are going to have to crash to Earth like Icarus for this evil lobby to be stopped in its tracks.

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