Bypassing Holyrood!

I remember back in March 2018 a great many of us encircled Holyrood, well when you could protest outside, before our great leader decided she did not like being booed and promptly put a stop to the people of Scotland being able to protest outside the very parliament we paid for.  Such a great day and a great show of strength as protesters link arms and stood two and three deep, such was the turnout. To cries of ‘hands off our parliament’. We were there to protest the power grab we knew was coming. Now it is here and there is nothing we can do.  

March 2018

The UK Market Act, passed last year, is just the first step to clawing back powers that have been devolved for decades. The UK Government do not see individual countries, they see one United Kingdom draped in a huge Union Jack and are desperate to fly the flag from every government building regardless of how the people in the devolved nations feel.  

This happened on the SNP’s watch, given mandate after mandate all of which have been ignored, slogan after slogan the ‘Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against our will’ a particular favourite. All talk nae action as we used to say when great big windbags were threatening a fight. Seemed that was exactly what the SNP leadership were doing, talking big, then running away. Far too comfortable with their lives in London. Years and years and years of living the charmed life south of the border. Champaign socialism, the order of the day.  

Now Brexit is here bringing with it the great big headache some in the yes movement predicted. Angry that their warnings fell on deaf ears, of both of party and membership some of whom still believe the SNP will save the day.  

No one is coming to save us. It looks like the SNP have sold the country out, not only to Westminster but to the globalists who come with their own agenda. Carrots are being dangled as usual, a referendum for April next year, or whatever titbit they are proposing now. Independence is not something you are given; it is something you fight for. It is good to see AUOB organising marches and rallies, but it might be too little too late. We are in the midst of a global takeover, Build Back Better, the slogan of the day. We have bigger fish to fry, independence, yes, but first we have to free ourselves from those in power who would do us harm. I know there are those living in their pretty little bubble, who think everything in the garden is rosy, nothing could be farther from the truth. Tyranny reigns supreme around the globe but we are too engrossed in independence to see it. Yet independence is exactly what we need but until we accept this is not going to happen under the watch of the SNP we are well and truly stuffed.  


One thought on “Bypassing Holyrood!

  1. Well said. I think the even deeper problem lies in the fact that the SNP government does not take the Treaty, dissect it and understand what exactly the rights of the people of Scotland are. According to the Treaty, any interference in Scots Law is ultra vires, and, just because no former administration or MPs in Scotland (before the SNP came to power) has ever bothered to adhere to its obvious protections for Scotland, doesn’t or shouldn’t mean that the SNP government can’t or ought not to do so now. There is such a thing as criminal behaviour by omission as well as commission, and every Scottish administration since the establishment of the parliament, and every group of MPs before that time, from 1707 onwards, has been guilty of criminal irresponsibility towards the best interests of the Scots, by omission.

    The Scotland Act itself was totally unnecessary and also ultra vires when England was not also devolved parallel to Scotland’s devolution. These might be fine points of constitutional law, but, if the SG is going to bring pointless and wasteful cases before the Supreme Court, itself an illegal imposition on Scotland in accordance with the Treaty, it should have had all that sorted out long since. How much more taxpayers’ money is going to be wasted on cases that are entirely predictable as to outcome and ruling? They have been told numerous times that the Scotland Act will always be interpreted according to English Constitutional Law and as Westminster sees fit. Basically, do what you’re told, Scotland. If the SG is going to be collaborationist and act as a Vichy devolved statelet within the UK state – ostensibly, England, and England alone because there is no devolved English parliament, is there? – then they should stop wasting everybody’s time and taxpayers’ money on useless legal rulings, because they always lament the ruling but go along with it, anyway, as they kew they would before they wasted hundreds of thousands on the case.

    The fact that they compound an absolute unwillingness to offer any protection to the Scottish people, but actually encourage Westminster’s predations, while campaigning and being elected on that very platform of protecting the people, then they should step down because they are useless, mendacious and, ultimately, treacherous. If they have morphed into adherence to the very thing they profess to abhor – Unionism – then we have no need of them because there are plenty of Unionists already. They are a brake on Scottish aspirations. If I read yet another letter in The National telling us to hang fire and wait again because we have all the time in the world, all they (plus their equally treacherous and pseudo woke pals, the Greens) will do is stoke the fires of anger and rage until they can no longer be contained, and, in those circumstances, I predict that it is not the Scottish version of the storming of the Bastille that will take place, but a mirror image of the Irish uprising of 1916, and onwards. It’s no use getting rid of the Tories just to replace them with the Tory LIte, English-based parties, is it? I’m not a war monger. Quite the opposite, but I’m not stupid either, and can see farther than the end of my nose.

    The sheer arrogance and contempt of Nicola Sturgeon and her cohorts that they can manipulate and control the Scottish people and divert them away from independence with endless promises of independence is so stupid and short-sighted that it scarcely bears scrutiny. Yet, still, the faithful fall for it all. I suggest they bone up on Irish history and Parnell and Redmond. Inertia is never the answer. They are playing with people’s lives, allowing Johnson and the Tories in England to dominate all political discourse in the vain hope that the Scottish people will say: enough is enough. The problem with that scenario is that, normally, by the time people have reached the end of their tether, they are way past saying anything and are on the road to doing something.

    She and her pseudo woke friends need to lower the arrogance and contempt and start to listen to what the people are actually saying now, while here is still time. Remember Neville Chamberlain: appeasement works only for so long, then you have to act because the other side cares nothing for your appeasement, because their arrogance and contempt is very much greater than yours. Maybe Chamberlain did follow the appeasement road in order to give Britain time to re-arm, but we should remember, too, that almost the whole of British re-armament happened AFTER 1939, and Chamberlain was out of power and, although I’m no fan, Churchill was right to say that we needed to cut Hitler off at the knees in the mid 30s and that we had left it too late by 1939 to change the course of history and to avoid the world conflict which led to loss of so many lives. Acting in a timely fashion and being as well-informed as to your rights and obligations as you possibly can be, should at the very heart of politics, but so often isn’t so irresponsible are so many of our elected representatives and the fawning fools with which they surround themselves. Bring back the real fools of medieval times who existed to tell their lords and masters just how wrong and stupid and venal they were.


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