Dunfermline was the place to be yesterday if you wanted to show your subservience to the new King Charles. No, not a new breed of dog. King Charles 111.

The King and Queen (of some sort) travelled to Fife to formally confer city status on the town. Offering the warmest of congratulations. King Charles spoke of his late mother’s deep love of Scotland.

Dunfermline is the resting place of King Robert the Bruce therefore one wonders what he would have made of the English King and Queen’s visit. And more importantly how he would have felt seeing the Frist minister of Scotland bowing to such power. “Your majesties, we are deeply honoured to welcome you on your first official visit to Scotland.” Said Sturgeon who seemed to brush off the loud boos aimed at her.

Some disgruntled people were extremely glad to air their disgust at the sight of Sturgeon’s subservience.

Graham Bell ‘Scottish republic’ tweeted:

Graham Bell wrote in answer to the picture, “Personally I’m utterly aghast at the display of subservience. She/her does not represent me, it speaks volumes, compromised.”

Davie Park, “It makes me feel that an Alba member is trying to stir up hatred for the FM [First Minister]

And this from Bill Cowan, “She is no first minister. He should be bowing to HER! She was elected, he was rejected. But it was her prerogative, and she blew it.”

Jim Hagart summed it up perfectly, “I’d be ashamed personally, to defer to anyone in this manner and feel ashamed that the FM [First Minister] acted in such an obsequious way. It does no one any favours, apart from the monarchy and its sycophants, to acknowledge a hierarchy dependant on birth rather than merit.”

These past weeks has seen an increase in the Royals pushing themselves onto Scots. The death of Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral sparked Operation Unicorn, then the whole pomp and ceremony of her trip up the Royal mile to St Giles Cathedral and The King and Queen’s little joint back to Scotland for a holiday after laying dear mother to rest. Now we find that Prince William and Kate have inherited Scottish titles. William will be known as the Duke of Rothesay when he is visiting Scotland and his wife the Duchess of Rothesay. In addition to these, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Great Steward of Scotland.

With the Royals installing themselves in Scottish life and a First Minister who does not show the slightest interest on Scotland becoming an independent country, it is time for her and all her cronies to step aside. For as long as they remain uncommitted to Scotland’s freedom, for as long as they sit on their hands and do nothing. They are in danger of becoming another parcel of rogues in a nation.