Four polls have suggested a significant rise in support for independence. The latest from YouGov has ‘yes’ at 53% and ‘no’ at 47%.

The YouGov survey of 1,090 recorded a lead for Scottish independence. This followed the three previous polls by Redfield & Wilton Strategies, Ipsos and Find Out Now. We now know the reason both the media and UK government seem to be in some sort of meltdown. They know more than they are telling. Support seems to have grown in the wake of the Supreme Court decision that Holyrood lacked the power to call a referendum.

It begs the question some in the yes movement have been asking for years. How far would Scotland be in our independence journey had Sturgeon concentrated on what she was put in power to do? What would have happened had the fifty-six we sent to Westminster in 2015 settled up and not in; and of course, what would have happened had the first minister did not kick the independence football into the long grass, adorned her big yellow coat, jumped on board her big yellow bus to try and STOP Brexit. We are no further forward now than we were back then, in fact, we are further behind than we were at the end of 2014 when Alex Salmond handed the independence reigns over to Ms Sturgeon.

For years we have had nothing but scandal after scandal coming out of the SNP camp. The missing money which had been set aside for independence one such scandal. And there have been more that I will not go into right now.

If we are to move forward with independence, then there must be change at the top, Sturgeon has shown repeatedly that she has no interest in independence. In fact, she has only appeared at a public gathering twice as I remember. The first in George Square in 2019 and outside the Scottish Parliament. Twenty Nineteen happened just before the general election, and of course recently when the Supreme court made its ruling. There are no more carrots to be dangled, the people need more than empty promises. Time for Ms Sturgeon to step aside and let someone who has the future of Scotland and her people at heart. We need a new leader, one who will work alongside the movement, one who will not alienate those who have strived for independence. The SNP have lost sight of their objective and only bring up independence when it suits, or when votes are needed. The massive support they build up during the 2014 independence campaign has been squandered by those who put their own interests first.

We should be in full campaign mode but alas we are sitting wondering if there will be a vote next year. And if a general election is called, will it be a plebiscite? I have my doubts, in fact, I am almost sure it will have some in the SNP singing five more years.