The Piper Paid – Time to pay back, big time!

There is something desperate about the First Minister’s invitation to the Prime Minister. Instead of summoning Johnson to Bute House to discuss the several mandates given to her by the people in regard to holding a referendum on Scottish Independence, Sturgeon almost begs him to stop by. I would love to be a fly on the wall of Bute House and listen into their conversation. What will be on the agenda. Not independence, that’s for sure.  

The covid recovery seems to be the new buzz word, independence after we have recovered from the pandemic and the economic crisis that came with it. Just another excuse for not using the mandates given to the First Minister from the people. There are those of us in the yes movement who have had it with excuses. Will independence be held in the next five years many have asked me. I don’t see independence being held in my lifetime unless the people of Scotland unite against the party who have betrayed their trust. Who seem to have used money set aside for an independence referendum and who act like they are entitled to do what they damn well please after they have secured the vote? 

We have MPs in Westminster who assured the people that we would not be taken out of the European Union against our will and who stated that Scotland deserved better, yet here we are out of the EU. I do agree with the Scotland deserves better stance. Yes, we do, we deserve better than what the SNP offer. 

We used to live in a country whose justice system was revered around the world, now it is responsible for sending a man to jail for reporting on a defence case, who was singled out for jigsaw identification, only no one who read were able to identify anyone.  

We have children being failed by the education system who did not get the grades they deserve and the sex education being taught is questionable to say the least.  

We have a minority holding the majority to ransom, where freedom of speech is for the few not the many.  

This is not the Scotland I know and love, whatever discussions the first minister has with Johnson we can guess will not benefit the people. It will benefit the elite and big business. Whatever the economic recovery will look like is anyone’s guess, what we can be assured, the piper paid, now it’s time to pay back – big time.  


3 thoughts on “The Piper Paid – Time to pay back, big time!

  1. Nicola Sturgeon is no leader and to be honest she never was. She only looked like a leader because she took over from Mr Salmond. I honestly beleive that the SNP deliberately spent the 600k referendum fund to stop a referendum entirely and are rubbing our noses in it. She seems to have used every excuse not to hold a referendum in fact, I would go as far as saying she’s trying to get the general public to turn against the SNP entirely. Her Behavior as a leader of Scotland leaves a lot of question marks about what sort of country we would be under the SNP.

    The reason Scotland isn’t Independent isn’t because of UK or Boris Johnston, its because of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. The Gold Standard, was her choice to give our soverignty to Westminster, when the SNP months before wanted a debate in Westminster about the soveriegn right of the Scottish people which passed. The email confirming that Holyrood has the right to hold a referendum on anything it likes, this is something that we have all known for sometime, even Martin Keating took it to court to find out if a section 30 order was needed, now we know its not, all thats needed is that the rest of the UK would accept the result, and to be honest therefore the problem lies with the UK not Scotland or its government.

    The reason where not in the EU, once again isn’t because of the UK or the PM, its because of the SNP and its leadership, who on a daily basis is turning on its own supporters, members and voters, what political party on this earth would do that other than a communist party or a dictatorship.

    Lets get one thing straight, the SNP aren’t stronger for Scotland, and I don’t live in hope but in fear, fear for what the SNP will do to Scotland. I like most other members and supporters have been supporting the SNP for years (me since 1988), but when I left the SNP I didn’t do it for me I did it for Scotland.

    Scotland can’t be Independent while covid is still active is like saying we can’t be Independent without the UK, I’ve got to the point now thinking that not being Independent is a good thing while Sturgeon is in charge and becoming Independent from the rest of the UK would be in Scotland’s interest when Sturgeon is no longer leader of any party never mind the SNP.

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  2. My worst fear is the FM will ask the PM for a referendum.
    He will agree and she will vow to fuck it up.
    Scotland back in the box for their foreseeable future.
    He,having delivered brexit and the union,gets back to neglecting the wives and kids, and she ends up as head of NATO or something.

    A happier marriage than either could hope to find in their own lives.

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  3. If it was to be about Covid, he would try and avoid a face-to-face discussion because he wants to impose his will on the other three parts of the UK. If it was to be about a referendum, he would try to avoid that, too. If it was to be about GRA reform, he would wish to avoid that, too. His advisers will have advised him to avoid Bute House at all costs because there will be a trap of some kind awaiting him there. He is smart for all he rarely shows it. The Tory One State UK is the project now, and nothing will be allowed to devote from that, not even his own overweening ambition, or, indeed, NS’s.

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