Please Sir, he called my friend…

Prime Minister’s Questions descended into an all-out fight between the Tories and the Speaker, with Bercow taking umpteen points of order, all designed to attack the leader of the opposition and indeed the Speaker himself. While the United Kingdom hangs by a thread, the Tories decided to use their time wisely by making petting points of order about what was said in the Chamber minutes earlier.

It would seem some Tories got upset that the Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn may have uttered the words ‘stupid woman’ in response to the attack by the Prime minister and to be fair, that might have been the case, although it is hard to tell what was actually muttered as the camera seems to pan away just as he finished. However, what ensued afterward was an attack on Speaker John Bercow, who was accused by the Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom of calling her a stupid woman. There followed a tirade of Points of order in which many Tories aired their concern at the conduct of the House.

It really does beggar belief when you consider how their own MP’s behave.

It has emerged that the Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell is seen on camera calling Labour MP Yvette Cooper a Stupid Bitch, clearly there is one rule for the Tories and a different set for everyone else.

The Speaker of the House whom at one point lost all control, agreed to go away and look at the Corbyn footage, which was all over social media and then ask the Leader of the opposition return to the Chamber to explain himself, which he duly did in late afternoon. He had said ‘stupid people’ well you could hear the Tory uproar, one of which stood up and informed the House that she did not believe him. Cue more Tory Points of Order, with a few from the opposition thrown in for good measure.

Meanwhile, the Scottish National Party sat in bemused silence, if a group had a right to jump up with their points of order, it would be the SNP. Who have been under-the-Tory-cosh since their arrival. Having to endure insults, the latest of which was by the Grandson of Churchill himself. Nicholas Soames, who told the Leader of the SNP Westminster contingent to go-back-to-Skye.

Having worked with the tiniest of children I can assure you that these children have more maturity in their little fingers than these grown-ups have in the whole of their bodies. What aspired yesterday was nothing more than an attack on the Speaker of the House. I do not agree with name calling in any form. And, yes, it should be addressed. What I do not agree with is making endless Points of order and point scoring when the United Kingdom is at the point of collapse.

Things have to change, Westminster is not working for anyone and the sooner Scotland takes its leave the better.



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