Was she chewing a wasp?

If you caught First Minister’s questions you will have no doubt saw the outrageous behaviour of Tess White. White seems to be under the assumption that people in Scotland are all anti English. The Conservative and Unionist LIST MSP thought it was perfectly okay to heckle Nicola Sturgeon as she was answering a question from Labour’s Pauline McNeill.

McNeill had raised concerns about the sectarian singing coming from rangers’ fans at the weekend. Sturgeon was giving her usual, “…anybody who chooses to live in Scotland, whether they and their families have been here for generations or whether they have come to Scotland very recently, is home.

This is their home and we should not allow anybody to…” 

At this point a voice can be heard saying. “Except if you’re English.” 

The irony of this is, the person in question is sitting in the Scottish Parliament, granted she is there on a technicality the list system having provided a means by which she was parachuted into position. Conservative and Unionist MSP Tess White clearly has a grievance, but is her grievance against the people of Scotland, other nationalities who have made their home in Scotland. What caused the outburst? Has she been subjected to anti-English behaviour from Scots? It is easy to condemn but that outburst has to have come from somewhere, or perhaps White was just anti-Sturgeon and found a way to shut her down. That aside, if the people of Scotland had voted for Alba instead of giving their second vote to the SNP then perhaps those watching would not have to put up with someone who has clearly made her home in Scotland, taken a seat in the Scottish Parliament only to call out the people of Scotland. If White had a problem with anti-English behaviour, perhaps she should have put it in writing and gone through the proper channels. As for her apology, it looked like she was giving it while chewing a wasp. 


One thought on “Was she chewing a wasp?

  1. For once, I think that Nicola Sturgeon did lose it. I don’t suppose that Tess White would even imagine that she was being anti Scottish as she said that? Arrogance and ignorance go hand-in-hand with those who believe they have a God-given right to make all kinds of absurd claims. That there is anti Englishness in Scotland is probably true, but it is not at a level that could be called detrimental to a reasonable life. She is just a very stupid person who is best ignored. If there was real anti Englishness, she wouldn’t, as you say, be squatting in the Scottish parliament as a Tory, a party which has had no purchase in Scotland for half a century.

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