We will not be bullied, we will not be silenced, we will not be cowed!

It has been a fortnight since the election, a fortnight since the SNP came for your vote and a fortnight since the #BothVotesSNP’ worked a treat – for the unionists. A steady stream of unionist supporting parties took their list seats gifted to them through the sheer stupidity and pig headedness of SNP supporters. The, I voted both votes SNP tweets make me sick to my stomach. Surely the people of Scotland are not that thick. Sadly, it seems they are. In the run up to the election out it came, the SNP’s method of persuasion, indyref2. Like a carrot dangled on a string. Only a vote of the SNP was not a vote for independence, it was an endorsement of Humza’s hate crime bill and it was the go-ahead for more women’s rights to be eroded.

As the results filtered through, I noticed how silent the #BothVotesSNP mob had become, their loud voices silent as realisation crept in. They had given away the last chance of gaining independence. They had believed Sturgeon and her wokey-woke cohorts. They had believed Alex Salmond was the enemy when he was the vessel upon which to sail. It is easy to sit here and be angry with supporters of the SNP, however, it is better to understand where they are coming from. Their beliefs are deep rooted, for so long the Scottish National Party were the only means to independence, for they were the party that stood on a ticket to free Scotland. Sadly, most of us who joined after the referendum of 2014 have since seen just how toxic the SNP have become. Pushing policies that will have a detrimental effect on the public. Nothing has changed, the SNP will still be held to ransom by Harvie, therefore, we can expect more policies that merely benefit the few.

It is maddening to think where we could have been this morning, what achievements could have been made regarding independence. If only people had not believed what was told to them by SNP hierarchy, if only people had read between the lines. We had our biggest chance of a super majority with Alba, now all we have are empty promises from a party who have taken the people for granted, a party who are full of their own importance, a party who have lost their moral compass. All we can do as a movement, is come together, there are those in the SNP who have come to realise just how far from independence they are and who are not quite ready to embrace Alba. That’s okay, as long as you embrace the yes movement. We are all still here ready to welcome you home, remember those last days of the campaign, when we were energised, we were ready, we were unstoppable. Time to pick up the reigns, time to drive this movement forward, time to show the SNP; the Greens; the Tories; Labour and Lib Dems, we are the people and we will not be bullied, we will not be silenced, but most importantly, we are not going anywhere, we are going to be a thorn in the side of all who have their nose in the troth, all who have settled in, not up. We will not be cowed.

Time to rise and take our message to the streets, time for action,  

People Power a Formidable Force!

The SNP back in Holyrood just short of an overall majority but Nicola Sturgeon insisted before Scotland went to the polls that the Scottish election was not an independence referendum. Of course, it wasn’t. In the eyes of Ms Sturgeon and her cohorts it was another five years in which to take powers from the people and put them in the hands of the parliament. It was the green light for more whacky policies, and the continued game of kicking independence into the long grass never to be seen again. Thursday 6th May will live in the memory of yes movement for one reason; for it was the day in which independence was put to death by the very party who profess to want it most.

Just how did the SNP go from being the thriving party for independence to the party of today?

A chilly evening back in November 2014, a massive crowd filed into the magnificent Hydro based in the ‘yes’ city of Glasgow. With smiles on their faces and hope in their eyes, their dream still alive. The day had brought a steady stream of the great and the good to the stage, but the people had only come for one reason and one reason only. To hear from the woman in which they had put all their trust, the woman who they believed would lead Scotland to freedom. Like some sort of pop star Nicola Sturgeon took to the stage, the large screen behind showing the SNP membership on the rise.

“Democracy rocks.” She thanked her adoring fans for attending going on to pay tribute to her predecessor Alex Salmond whom she described as “Remarkable and outstanding.” Well, we all know what has happened since.

“I know we did not win the referendum but don’t the party on the other side look for all the world like they lost?”

At that time, they did, now however, they look like the cat that got the cream.

“Scotland will become an independent country.” Sturgeon assured.

Well, when?

After the defeat of the referendum, we in the yes movement picked ourselves up, dusting ourselves down and vowed to continue the fight. How in such a short time have we gone from a group of people with the same goal and a vow to carry on, to a fragmented shadow of ourselves? The answer lies with one woman and one party.

In twenty-fifteen the yes movement got behind a party that would ultimately betray us in the harshest of ways. The general election saw 56 out of 59 MPs being sent to Westminster to settle-up not settle in but that is exactly what they did. Things did looked promising at first, with disobedience of applauding and singing in the chamber but that was soon quelled and most of the 56 settled at the troth of wealth forgetting the reason they had been sent. By October 2015, a systematic uncoupling of the SNP and the Yes movement appeared, subtle so as not to draw suspicion. However, those firmly in the camp of independence had taken our eye off the ball. In her speech to conference, instead of concentrating on the one thing the party were founded on, there were several key pledges, “We will always strive to be the best that we can be, our manifesto will rise to the challenges of the future. Our dreams and ambitions for the future of this country know no limits.” And my personal favourite “We are stronger for Scotland.” No, you are not, “Scotland will always be stronger with the SNP.” Picking myself up off the floor now.

What a lot of tosh!

“The party must persuade a majority of Scots of what we already know to be true, independence is the best future for Scotland. We believe that Scotland should be an independent country, we always have, and we always will.” Nicola Sturgeon to conference.

Empty promises made to the people of Scotland.

Sturgeon said this: “Following the referendum and general election Scotland has found her voice and we are never going to let our voice be silent again. The only real and lasting alternative to Tory governments we don’t vote for is independence for our country.”

Listening to this you would be forgiven in believing that Sturgeon wanted independence and possibly she did back in 2015. However, in referring to Scotland’s strong voice in Westminster, she pledged it would be for “Progressive opinion right across these islands.” Could that have been the start of the peddling away from independence?

If 2016 was anything to go by, there was still a glimmer of hope, as the sun rose on a warm June morning, the people of Scotland and in particular the yes movement waited with bated breath for the instruction from the first minister. What would she say? It was all systems go; the EU referendum had offered up the gift the yes movement had waited for. Scotland had voted to remain within the European Union and expected Sturgeon to deliver.

“Yesterday, Scotland, like London, and Northern Island voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union.” Sturgeon began and I don’t think I am the only one who wanted her to get to the point, we didn’t give two flying figs whom else had voted to remain, all we wanted to know was when the referendum would be. The material change of Scotland being dragged out of the European Union against our will had happened. What we wanted to know was when that 2016 mandate would be honoured.

“There is no doubt yesterday’s results represents a significant material change of circumstances in which Scotland voted against independence in 2014. My job now is to act responsibly in the interest all of Scotland. I want to make it absolutely clear today that I intend to take all possible steps to explore all options to give effective to how people in Scotland voted. In other words to secure our continuous place in the EU and in the single market in particular.

To that end, I have made clear to the Prime Minister this morning that the Scottish Government must be fully and directly involved in any, and all discussions about the next steps that the UK government intends to take.”

Well look what happened there, the Scottish government were treated appallingly, purposefully kept out of discussions about Scotland’s future. That is when in my opinion Sturgeon should have began making the case for independence. That was the time to hit the UK government. The SNP had a cast iron mandate to go to the people once more. Many in the yes movement on the day after the EU referendum were full of renewed hope and expected the SNP to honour the mandate given to them, however, that did not happen. In 2017 Sturgeon bottled it as was apparent by the autumn conference when she gave no firm commitment and therein lies the betrayal of the party to the people who had put their faith in them to deliver. Instead they continued with the mantra of making the case. The case was made, Scotland faced being dragged out of the European Union. Instead of making the case for independence Sturgeon toured Scotland making the case for the whole of the UK to remain in the EU and in doing so lost the trust of the independence movement. By 2018, the yes movement were being side-lined and ignored, with Sturgeon preferring not to attend any yes marches or rallies but would appear in London the following year to speak at the one million march to demand another referendum on Brexit. What a slap in the face to those in the yes movement who had kept her in power. Only when it looked like the independence supporters were about to rebel did Sturgeon show up at a rally in George Square, this time to tell the faithful to vote a whole heap of SNP MPs to Westminster in December 2019. “We are gathered here today, in our thousands, in the beautiful civic square of Scotland’s biggest city and we are gathered here for one simple purpose and that purpose is to demand the right to choose a better future for our country, we are gathered here to choose an independent future for Scotland.”

What the hell was she talking about, reading between the narration of words Sturgeon gave power to Westminster, ‘our right to choose’ which reading between the lines means that Scotland in the eyes of Westminster doesn’t have the right to choose, and doesn’t have the right to choose a better future. Why are we giving power to Westminster and moreover, why are we not demanding that the SNP do what they were given a mandate to do. For too long those in the yes movement have taken a backseat, content to let the SNP take the reigns to drive us forward, yet here we are in reverse. Sturgeon has been in the driving seat for too long, it is time for those of us in the yes movement to come together. Time to take a stand and demand our representatives do what we put them in power to do. No more kicking independence into the long grass, no more of the carrot dangling. We need to take the wheel, push the gear into first and steadily move forward, we need to build the case for independence ourselves because no one else is going to do it for us. Time for those with their noses in the troth to get with the program of get out of the way, no more stalling. Scotland cannot afford to wait until this pandemic is over, we cannot afford to wait for the economic recovery. If Scotland is to thrive again, then we must take the reins. If recent events in Pollockshields have shown us one thing, it is that people power is a formidable force, when people come together for a common cause, then we win, time to come together, time to take control, time to win Scotland her freedom.

These are our neighbours, let them go!

It was a day designed to send a message to the people of Scotland. A day in which we were destined to find out who our real masters are. Like a thief in the night, they crept onto a sleepy street in Pollockshields but the racist thugs masquerading as politicians in Westminster got more than they bargained for. What started out as a dawn raid ended in a standoff between Police Scotland, and the people.

Credit to whoever took this photo

Kenmure Street became the focus of a massive demonstration of resistance against the might of the British State, a Home Secretary who thinks nothing of deporting people who came to Britain as children, or who came at the invitation of the government after World War Two, of course back then they were needed to help build a battered and bruised England. Thrown out like an old rag when no longer useful. Patel thought she could send her racist vans into the heart of a city where our Muslim brothers and sisters were getting ready to celebrate one of the holiest days in their calendar; such was the confidence of this woman that she thought the people of Glasgow would roll over and let two of our own be carted off to god alone knows where. The standoff escalated quickly with Police Scotland officers stood protectively around the van being beamed to millions watching around the globe. “These are our neighbours, let them go.” The chant of the day, for we are all Jock Tamson’s Bairns.

Scotland is an outward looking outward thinking country, therefore, when they came for one of our own, or two in this case there was no way they would be taken without a fight and that is exactly what happened on a street in Glasgow yesterday. While the First Minister and Justice Secretary were being given the run around by Patel and her goons, the people were gathering, coming from all over to lend a hand. A real sense of community spirit enthused. With food and water being brought, it would seem the people were preparing to be there for the long hall.

Credit to whoever took this picture

Nowhere in the events of yesterdays does it say this was resolved by the intervention of Nicola Sturgeon, quite the opposite, the First Minister of Scotland could not get anyone to answer her calls. This from a very solemn and humiliated Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf:

“I have spent hours trying to get the Home Office to abandon the operation, first they passed me off to a civil servant; none of the eight ministers would take my call and we objected to that. They eventually gave us the most junior minister…and to say he was unhelpful, again would be an understatement. He originally told us that they would continue to enforce immigration law as saw fit. Now I’m pleased and delighted that Police Scotland who of course have operational independence. Police Scotland have taken the decision in the interest of public safety in the interest of public health to release these to individuals, but immigration is of course reserved to the Home Office…I will be urging the Home Secretary of these scenes, but more importantly tell them that their hostile environment is just not welcome in Scotland.”

Good luck to Mr Yousaf in his pursuit of the Home Secretary, I am sure she will send another civil servant to take his call.

The scenes that flashed across social media yesterday were heartening to say the least, but they should worry every single individual in Scotland, for what was lain bare for all to see was just how useless our government were in a crisis. What we witnessed was a Justice Secretary and First Minister so out of their depth when it comes to dealing with the British State. Had it not been for Police Scotland stepping in, there is no telling what story would have adorned the front pages of the unionist press. In an address to the people Human rights Lawyer  Aamer Anwar said this:

“…every single politician, including Nicola Sturgeon and the Cabinet Secretary for Justice have tried to pick up the phone to the Home Secretary, to the Home Office, for some reason Priti Patel and her racist government are not answering the phone…”

The Home Office sent a clear message to Sturgeon and her government. While they were basking in the glory of winning the election it became clear that the parliament in which they sit has no real power. Yousaf had to make do with a junior minister, however, what was apparent was the rank and file of the civil servant who took his call. That spoke volumes, for it tells us that Westminster rank Yousaf as a mere civil servant. The Home Office see Scotland is their country as was reported by Grouse Beater. There you have it, yesterday was just the start, expect more of Scotland to be taken. The British State will not go down without a fight but if the scenes of yesterday are anything to go by, neither will the people of Scotland, if only they put this much effort into the fight for independence.

Tonight the ‘yes’ movement lost

Those of us in the yes movement, the real patriots are mourning the loss of one of our best assets and at the hands of our enemies. Someone once said, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Never a truer word has been spoken. Tonight, we lost ‘Wings over Scotland’ Stu Campbell having taken enough, has decided to put his friends and family first. And who could blame him. Stu has been fighting an upward battle since exposing what is really going on within the Nicola Sturgeon Party and in doing so has taken quite a battering from those who profess to support independence. They do no such thing. What they support is a party of personalities, a party so toxic you can smell them a mile away.  To those mourning the loss of wings I too mourn with you, for those celebrating I pity you, for you have no idea what awaits.

The last bastion of hope evaporated last Thursday, Independence for Scotland is dead in the water, killed, not by the British State but by an enemy within Scotland. Someone masquerading as Scotland’s saviour. Last Thursday Scotland saw the party faithful troop along to the polling station to carryout what the history books will determine the last nail in the coffin of independence. And of course, too brainwashed to realise what they just gave away. I often wonder what the father of the nation, the real father of the nation would have thought had he been alive in these times.

“As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, that we are fighting but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

What are we fighting for? What does a free Scotland look like? Ask yourself this, when you cast your vote last Thursday, for whom did you vote? A party, who has promised you an independence referendum and yet delivered none. Or, a party whose favourite sport seems to be taking pot shots at the less fortunate. Or a party who lost its soul when it tried to appeal to middle England. Or a party whose only claim to fame is hanging onto the coattails of the 2014 independence referendum.


If you voted party, then the cross would have gone next to the SNP. If you put country your cross should have gone next to Alba on the list.


If you answered country, then you are a patriot and have the right to stand on the shoulders of giants. If you answered party. Then hang your head in shame for you have just sold out the country.

I shall from now on start every blog post by asking SNP supporters, are we there yet? I await with bated breath every excuse as to why we are nowhere near freedom.

I wish Stu Campbell every success in his retirement, you Sir is an asset to the movement, the time will come when those who saw you off fall from a great height and witness what we have witnessed since the Sturgeonite era.

Is this the calibre of Stewart McDonald MP!

Vote this nasty he/him out at the next general election!

There is gloating and then there is Stewart McDonald, this is the calibre of SNP, nasty to the core. This is Scotland’s representative for Glasgow South. SNP spokesperson for Defence and Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Is it any wonder McDonald feels able to tweet such a picture of someone who was once a colleague?

McDonald tweeted:

“Yes I am guilty of gloating that a man whose TV show is broadcast on RT got zero seats in the election. Guilty as charged and unapologetic, because my solidarity goes beyond borders of Scotland.”

McDoanld, like others in the Scottish National Party are so far gone that they believe they are untouchable. Their belief that they can say anything at all and get away with it knows no bounds. To think this he/him thought this was perfectly okay to tweet shows just how arrogant some in the SNP have become. Is it any wonder when you see quotes from their leader?

Sturgeon said this of Alex Salmond: Alex Salmond’s ‘ego’ stopping him from doing the right thing and leaving the public stage” as reported in the Scotsman.

Why are Sturgeon and co so hellbent on making sure Alex Salmond does not return to politics? Could it be that they know with Alex back on the world stage of frontline politics their pretence of a referendum will be exposed. The gloating of McDonald and others shows the SNP for what they are; careerists who have taken those who trusted them most along for a never ending ride. They have shown themselves up for the nasty party they have become and for those who still hang on their every word, they are about to fall from a very great height as the scales fall from their eyes and they see for the first time what many of us have witnessed. The Scottish National Party are nothing more than agents of the state masquerading as the party for independence. Let us hope by the next general election, this nasty little he/him will be gone and with him, the rest.

Today’s the Day,!

Thursday May the 6th will be a day which will live in the memory of most if not all supporters of independence for it will be the day in which we realise just how much the people of Scotland want independence. The foundations upon which the independence movement was build have changed, kicked out from under an unsuspecting yes movement and carried out by the very person we trusted. As previously stated, Nicola Sturgeon was handed a thriving party alongside an even bigger movement, 2014/15 saw a sharp rise in Scottish National Party membership, people parting with their hard-earned cash (myself included) to help build what we thought was the road to independence, however the last five years have shown a lack of commitment to independence and dislike for dissent no matter whether it come from within the party or a public critical of party policies. This is an extremely dangerous road to go down for it shows the party for the dictatorial party it has become. A party unwilling to consider both sides of an argument or engage with the public on policies that are causing concern. It also shows a lack of tolerance and with MPS like Wishart blocking those he does not agree with on social media tells you all you need to know about a man who has made a career for himself in Westminster; seems Wishart went to Westminster to settle down, not up but hey, who can blame him – that salary and the perks of the job are nothing to be sneezed at. Others are Angus Robertson and John Nicholson both of whom I found out recently had blocked me and I have yet to find out why. Wishart’s block was for tweeting that he was coming across as a sad little man in response to one of his many ludicrous tweets, but I have no idea what I tweeted to offend Robertson or Nicholson, that said, my tweets are usually quite radical and call out odious politicians whose egos are bigger than they are.

Talking about egos, Ms Sturgeon took the last stages of the campaign very seriously indeed, standing in front of two huge buses on which depicted even bigger pictures of the leader of the Nicola Sturgeon Party. Both votes SNP? Of course, she wants you to vote for her twice, on the constituency and on the list and if you want independence kicked into the long grass or even burst and put away for good you must do just that for neither Nicola Sturgeon nor the Nicola Sturgeon Party want independence or if they do, they sure have a great way of hiding it. Sturgeon has already made it clear that this election is not about independence, of course not; independence would be a disaster for international thinking Sturgeon who for the last five years has fought hard to push it onto the backburner. When Theresa May said “Now is not the time” about a referendum, Sturgeon must have been rubbing her hands with glee. 2015 was the perfect time to start negotiations, coming off the 2014 referendum when in the General Election 56 MPs were sent to Westminster, that was the time to start negotiating for Scotland’s future. Instead, what we saw was a young vibrant Mhairi Black change from working class hero to a champagne socialist who turned her back and became just another dictator of SNP policy who takes to social media to air her views and call out people concerned for their future as if they have no right to be concerned. An opportunity wasted but you cannot put all the blame on those young shoulders. Just look at the mentors she has had in Westminster. Ian Blackford whose only rise to fame was being kicked out of parliament after finding his backbone and of course the rest of the SNP MP’s (for they were still masquerading as Scottish National Party MPs back then) with him. That was the time in which they should have come home but no, the troth is far too inviting. Watching Blackford in the beginning fighting for Scotland’s cause was invigorating but it became stale and overused. “Scotland won’t be dragged out of the EU against it’s will.” And “Scotland deserves better” were the frequent cries of Blackford, well Scotland was dragged out and we do deserve better. Better than what we have been used to with Nicola Sturgeon and her party of wokey wokes with policies that alienate half the population and are detrimental to women. I dread to think what further damage to our rights, and in particular women’s rights if this woman and her cabal gain overall majority in the next parliament. How much damage will be done over the next five years? More Bills like Hunza’s Hate Crime Bill, more invasion of women only spaces by men identifying as women? I am not against transgender; I do believe you can be born into the wrong body, but you cannot just have a policy where someone with ill intent towards woman or children for that matter can self-identify to gain access. Something the Nicola Sturgeon Party do not seem to have grasped.

The Scottish National Party do not exist anymore which is a great pity for they did some outstanding stuff but under the leadership of Sturgeon almost everything has been undone. They stepped into the shoes of New Labour and they seem to fit very comfortably, is it any wonder the front page of the Daily Rancid had a picture morphed by Sturgeon and Sarwar’s face. Two cheeks of the same arse, now in plain sight and yet those faithful Sturgeonites will trot to the polling station to cast their vote and in doing so put the final nail in the coffin of independence. Therefore, if a free Scotland is really what you are after then another way is possible but for that to work SNP supporters and in particular Sturgeonites have to remove their heads from their rear end and vote for Alba on the list for a majority of independence supporting MSPs vote Alba on the list, then at least you will have some independence supporting MSPs and if Sturgeon and her cabal dare to toss Independence out, then Alba will be there to clean up.

Shake Things Up!

Alba launched their manifesto; well, they would have had the stream not decided to take a hairy fit and stop working. In a pre-taped piece to camera the leader of Alba Alex Salmond, looking relaxed and raring to go smiled as he held up a copy of the party manifesto.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome…to Ellon Aberdeenshire for the virtual launch of the Alba manifesto, shake things up, a highly appropriate title for the new kid on the block, the plucky underdog of Scottish politics. We’ve been shaking things up in this election campaign and with the support of the people who intend to shake things up in the Scots parliament to bring urgency into the timetable for delivering independence for Scotland, maximising the list vote to build a pro-independence supermajority Holyrood and to use our place as part of that supermajority to make absolutely sure there’s no more backsliding on timetables so with their support of the people and three weeks’ time Alba representatives intend to lay before that parliament  a motion to instruct the Scottish Government to immediately commence independence negotiations with Whitehall that is the sense of urgency we intend to inject into the independence debate. I will do that every day within parliament pressuring pro-independence Scottish Government to get a move on and holding it to account if it doesn’t…”

Alba in my opinion is the political wing of the yes movement and have become a real threat to the Scottish National Party, hence their vile vilifying off all things Alba. Who are Alba? They are for those who may not know an independence supporting social democratic political party; standing for economic prosperity, social equality and environmental responsibility; they believe there should be “much more urgency in the pursuit of independence and intend to table a motion in three weeks’ time instructing the Scottish Government to immediately begin independence negotiations with Westminster” well good luck with that, electing a supermajority would be great if the SNP weren’t such a ‘unionist’ party, more ‘New Labour’ than New Labour. That said, I believe Alba party are the way in which the yes movement can progress. Speaking to Kenny Macaskill on the ‘Jacobite’s’ recently on whether Alba were here to stay he said this: “It’s not our party, [Salmond, Macaskill, Hanvey etc.] it’s all those who join, it’s their party…the party will be what the membership makes it” that to me sounds like a party who have big plans and judging by their manifesto, released today, it looks highly likely that they will stick around. With policies such as: Preparation for a Scottish Central Bank, a new Scottish currency, establish an independence commission, Scotland to join the European Area with the rest of the UK are policies you would be forgiven in thinking came straight out of an SNP manifesto, and they may have – once.

A supermajority will send a strong message to Westminster that the people of Scotland want independence and by the look of this Alba will instruct the Scottish Government to start negotiations with the UK government for Scotland to become an independent nation, nowhere in that manifesto does it suggest going cap in had to London with a feeble request for a referendum to which of course the partner in this Treaty of Union can simply say no to that request. I have never understood Sturgeon’s this way or the highway approach to independence. No other country to the best of my knowledge has politely asked Westminster if they can have a referendum to leave. Therefore, why is Scotland the only country who are expected to do this? The SNP are supposedly the party of independence, yet their manifesto shows a lack of commitment. Yes, they mention it, like they do every time they seek public votes, but they are more interested in minority groups, who need a voice, of course they do but that voice cannot possibly be at the expense of every other voice. With SNP and the Greens what you will receive is more policies such as the Hate Crime Bill and the trashing of woman’s rights in favour of others.

Of those I speak to, i.e., parents, there is a real concern around their children’s education, in particular those children who are about to move onto higher education whose last years at school have suffered greatly under this SNP government. Parents have been showing concern for their children even before the pandemic. Yes, they promote all the great things that they have done, such as the baby boxes, and keeping free school meals. But there is a lack of interest in what the public have to say. Especially on social media where, upon speaking your mind can result in being blocked by a public servant only too keen to take taxpayers money, but not so keen on listening to concerns they have. It is time for politicians to remember they are not MR and Mrs Big, or whatever pronouns they identify themselves as. It is time for those we put into power to remember why they are there. To serve the public, not to dictate to them. Which is what Ms Sturgeon and her cohorts have become very fond of doing. If they do not start listening, then come May, they may just find that the public have not listened either.

Alba are a real threat to both the Scottish National Party and the Scottish Greens, they have the ear of the public, if only they are able to get their message across. That said, it is beginning to get out onto the streets, people are beginning to ask who they are and what they stand for. They stand for Scotland, for freedom and the right to chose and more importantly, they are not going away.

Despair propelled us forward, determination made us rise from the ashes of our shattered dreams!

It is sad to watch the ‘yes movement’ destroy itself. When I think back to where we all were on the 19th of September 2014, I never thought I would see a time when we would ever be this divided. Despair propelled us forward, determination made us rise from the ashes of our shattered dreams. With hope in our eyes and pride in our hearts we poured into George Square Glasgow on a cold grey October day to show the powers that be that we weren’t going anywhere. An event that lasted well into the early evening as the crowd dwindled and all that was left were a few hardy souls to happy to go home. I remember as I rested on one of the many wooden benches dotted around the square, a woman sat next to me, sisters in hope, we got chatting – well you did back then. We were all one big ‘yes’ family. We spoke of the campaign, of the many people we had met, the songs we had sung, speeches that had inspired us. And of course, we spoke of ‘Robert the Bruce’ and ‘William Wallace’ and wondered what they would make of Scotland handing back power. What stood out that day was the fighting spirit in those who had attended, the sense that nothing could defeat us if we stood together. But it was the words of a song I had only heard once that was to become one of the many anthems of the ‘yes’ movement Gerry Cinnamon’s Hope Over Fear:

Will you stand and be counted or shut up and do what you’re told?”

For me that is one of the most important lyrics in the song, for it asks what you will do, will you stand up for the country or shut up and do what you’re told. For many I fear, the latter part of the lyric is what has been happening. Those in the yes movement have given the Scottish National Party too much power, for now they are dictating the narrative and people dedicated to Sturgeon and her cabal have gone right along with it. I have given Sturgeonites the benefit of the doubt so many times. When I asked where plan B was, I was told there was one, but the Scottish National Party were keeping it close to their chest for fear of the enemy getting a hold of it. Fair enough, that’s plausible but there didn’t seem to be a plan let alone a plan b. When we were being taken out of the European Union against the will of the Scots who had voted to remain. There was no referendum on that 2016 mandate which states:

“We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of the Scottish people or there is a significant and material change in circumstances that prevailed in 2014 such as Scotland being taking out of the EU against our will

In June 2016 when it became clear that Scotland faced being taken out of the European Union that was the time in my opinion for leaders in the party to stand up for the people of Scotland. Instead, Nicola Sturgeon embarked on a never-ending campaign of keeping the whole of the United Kingdom in the EU. Speech after speech had Sturgeon tell the public who were desperate to know where she stood on the independence question that we deserved better and that Scotland would not be dragged out of the EU against our will. Not only Sturgeon but Blackford also. Dig after dig had the SNP Leader in Westminster state that the people were watching – yes, we were and still are.

Now almost seven years on from the referendum we are no closer to gaining independence than we were back then. With a half-baked plan A in which Johnson or whoever may lead the United Kingdom can refused point blank and with no plan b or c or d. the people of Scotland face a very bleak future. Sturgeon and her cohorts can dangle the carrot or hide behind the pandemic but there will come a day in the not-too-distant future where she will have to answer for her inactivity towards independence. And that day may come sooner than she believes. The Scottish National Party, the party for independence is no more for independence than say the Conservative and Unionist Party, or New Labour or the Liberal Democrats, who are neither liberal nor democratic. The sooner politicians realise they do not hold power over the public the better we will be. The sooner the SNP stop being far too fond of the lifestyle they have build on the back of the yes movement the better. The sooner their diehard supporters realise just how played they have been by these dictators, the better. Scotland deserves better, yes it does, better than Sturgeon, better than Blackford, better than the SNP.

Time to put up or shut up.

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes…

The tagline on my blog says ‘free by twenty-three’ as we are not there yet, there is still time. Like most who want Scotland to be an independent country these past years have been a long hard slog. Left with nowhere to go after the Scottish National Party decided to shake off it’s ‘indy’ image in favour of hip new causes, many independence supporters were left in limbo.

These past years have been tough for those of us whose soul intention is to rid Scotland of Westminster rule. I believe we could not fight independence on two fronts, the SNP, who seemed to have abandoned those who put them in power and Westminster who wish nothing more than to see Holyrood closed and the yes movement disbanded, yet while the SNP were warding off an attack from the British State which in my opinion had embroiled the hierarchy of the SNP in a dangerous game; there were those in the yes movement making plans of their own. Friday had all the marks of an enemy blindsided by their arrogance of being untouchable. While Sturgeon smiled for the cameras as she left her home having been cleared of mis leading parliament plans were being made, secrets kept. While all eyes were on the outcome of the Hamilton inquiry and the Scottish National Party were tweeting about who leaked the findings of the Harassment Inquiry, people were getting into position. And of course, there was the red herring of Alex Salmond’s big announcement of reporting Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans to the police, not such a red herring as this has indeed happened to the best of my knowledge but it was the distraction needed if Friday were to go off without a hitch.

As the SNP looked forward to a clear run in the Holyrood election and the carrots all polished ready to dangle in front of the yes movement to a cry of BOTH VOTES SNP out of the traps came Alex Salmond, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, quiet, confident, statesman like. Looking straight down the camera to those who tried to take him down he launched the Alba Party and without a blink of the eye announced his intention to stand on the list ticket. From the stunned looks on the faces of the press and the smiles from independence bloggers such as Gareth (Grouse Beater) and Roddy, (Barrhead Boy) it became clear that this was the best kept secret in the history of keeping secrets. And of course, as the press conference aired, the SNP hierarchy rushed to couple together a statement which read:

 “This is perhaps the most predictable development in Scottish politics for quite some time. At this time of crisis, the interests of the country must come first and should not be obscured by the self interest of someone who shows no sign whatsoever of reflecting on serious concerns about his own conduct – concerns which; to put it mildly, raise real questions about the appropriateness of a return to public office.”

To me this reeks of desperation of a party who tried to silence the one person who is a real threat to them. The one person who used the mandate given to him by the people of Scotland. How dare these people continue a smear campaign against Alex Salmond who was found not guilty and not proven by a jury of predominantly women. We either have justice in this country or we do not. For Scottish National Politicians to continue this smear campaign says more about them than it does Mr Salmond who even now has urged the wider yes movement to give their first vote to the SNP and  in doing so may have just saved the party an absolute drubbing at the ballot box as many independence voters such as myself had planned to remain at home or indeed happy to have Holyrood close as we cannot fight independence on two fronts. The SNP hierarchy have had shown no intention of using the mandate given to them by the public and have indeed gone with the ludicrous plan of asking Boris Johnston for a section 30 order.

Now that the public have somewhere else to place their trust the Scottish National Party have a choice to make. Get rid of Sturgeon and her cohorts or watch Alba rise. Alex Salmond said that he had no plans for government but if there seems a chance that the SNP side with the unionists or are infiltrated by unionists then I believe you will see Alba gain more strength and backing from the people of Scotland. If the SNP are to take anything away from this, it is that the people of Scotland are no fools and can see a cabal of self-centred careerists a mile off.

Sneer away, it will be their ultimate downfall as Alba rake over the ashes of what could have been a great party.


Since 2014 and before. I have been an advocate for Scottish Independence believing it something I would see in my lifetime, however, the past few months have taught me that life is too short to spend it arguing among ourselves on social media. The toxic environment that has ensued because of infighting by both sides of the yes movement has brought me to the conclusion that for some independence is just a nice wee day out, for others a way to adore politicians whom they believe will get them the one thing they crave when this is far from the truth.

The Scottish National Party are not going to get you independence, independence is taken, not given. I have never heard of any country where a referendum was held to gain independence (I could be wrong) but I don’t believe I am. Therefore, this adoration of Nicola Sturgeon as if she is some sort of Queen to be bowed down to is, quite frankly, nauseating. The gloating that has come from those wanting Scotland to be an independent country on the side of the SNP is quite sad. The accusation that anyone who disagrees with their precious SNP are masquerading as unionists is insulting but hey, look what type of people they follow. For example, the odious Alyn Smith who posted a meme of Craig Murray or Pete Wishart who merely blocks people who do not agree with him. Of course, there are some who are obnoxious and downright insulting who should be blocked. But these are public figures, should they be taking abuse, no, of course not but I would expect them to listen to the those who helped get them elected, unless they are sitting in Holyrood by way of a list vote, then they have been elected by no one.

The behaviour of some in the Scottish National Party has been questionable to say the least, it would seem life in public service has gone to their head. They really do think the public should bow down to their every whim and accept every piece of legislation no matter how it affects them. And for those who dare to raise their voice, or go against the narrative, well they are just classed as conspiracy theorists. Like the First Minister, who seems to have conclude all she need do is accuse everyone of spreading conspiracy theories when difficult questions are asked. The problem with this narrative, is that sometimes these theories become fact.

I am finished with the SNP and I am finished with some in the ‘yes’ movement until they come to their senses and see the Scottish National Party for what they are. And if I am wrong and Sturgeon does give a referendum which I highly doubt I will return to help but for now, life is far too short to spend it on social media fighting idiots who idolise a party and a woman whom in my opinion has no intentions of helping Scotland to become an independent country.